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This Week’s Featured Pets:

SABRINA - ID#A1685031
BELLA - ID#A1687967
TONI - ID#A1681594
MAX - ID#A1439644

This week’s featured pets include some very sweet animals from the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter who need to be adopted or fostered. The shelter is located at 11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064. Call 888-452-7381 for more information and ask for these pets by ID number.

Toni and Bella are two beautiful torties, but no one knows how old they are. Its time they had proper love and care. Max is a beautiful mix, with American Foxhound giving him a regal look. Sabrina has only been at the shelter a few days, but she could use a place to calm to her nerves. 

TONI – ID#A1681594 is a pretty little spayed female tortie Domestic Shorthair whose age is unknown. She has been waiting at the shelter since Feb. 16.
BELLA – ID#A1687967 is Bella and I am an unaltered female, tortie and tan Domestic Shorthair. Her age is also unknown. She has been at the shelter since Mar. 25. 
SABRINA – ID#A1685031 is a spayed female, gray Domestic Shorthair. She is about one year old and has just arrived at the shelter.
MAX – ID#A1439644 is a neutered male, white and brown American Foxhound and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is about 4 years old, and weighs about 66 pounds. He has been at the shelter since Mar. 19.

We also have four cuties from Wags and Walks, a West LA rescue organization. If you would like to know more about them visit, where you can volunteer, foster or donate. 

1. Shylie – 4yr old female Schnauzer mix, weighs 18lbs, loves belly rubs, going for walks, & basking in the sun

2. Ava – 4yr old female Pit Bull mix, weighs 46lbs, loves belly rubs, treat driven, & eager to please

3. Hank – 6yr old male Husky, weighs 62lbs, calm, loving, & enjoys being with people

4. Groot – 7month old male Maltese, weighs 9lbs, charming, active, & friendly.

Please consider adopting a pet before you buy.