Alexander Yulish Show At Ace Gallery Opens Saturday

Alexander Yulish Show At Ace Gallery Opens Saturday

Alexander Yulish

Posted: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 – 10:55 AM

By Laura Coleman

Alexander Yulish, whose upcoming show at Ace Gallery “Out of Order” precedes his own mother’s exhibition there, is indeed a born artist.

His art is beautiful and powerful with instinctual sensibilities that evoke both Miro and Kandinsky. Highly gestural, Yulish’s paintings communicate an inner dialogue that expresses the depths and complexities of the human psyche through colorful figurative abstraction.

“Everybody has an emotional truth, but the artist is the one who structures it,” he explained. “[Being an artist] has to be in my DNA. I felt like it was my birthright.”

Growing up in New York, Yulish was always fascinated by his artist mother, Barbara Pearlman, a painter and sculptor, often observing her at work in her studio. Pearlman taught her son all the basic skills needed to be an adept artist, such as accurately rendering reality, but it wasn’t until Yulish was in high school that he really found the power of art in allowing him to express himself.

“It hit like a lightening bolt,” he recalled of the moment when he recognized his deep connection to art. “It’s exciting when you realize you’re either doing what you’re meant to do or you’re not really living your truth.”

Until six years ago, Yulish’s pathway to becoming a full time artist meandered a bit, leading him to graduate from Connecticut College with a degree in English, before moving out to Los Angeles and working briefly in the music business.

To this day, he still heeds his mother’s advice when starting a painting: “Commit to the first line with everything you have. Then commit to the second with everything you have.”

Still, at some point in his process of executing a painting, Yulish is driven to destroy it. It’s a desire he embraces and one which yields the superb complexity inherent in his paintings.

“You have to be willing to destroy the painting at any time. You have to be willing to not play it safe,” he said. “My paintings seem at times very light and lyrical … but my work morphs a lot.”

 Yulish’s upcoming exhibition at Ace Gallery kicks off Saturday, May 13, with an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Visit: