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Beverly Hills News – City Council Establishes Historic Incentive Permit

Posted: Wednesday, November 19, 2014 – 10:45 AM

The Beverly Hills City Council has approved a highly-anticipated incentive program that could encourage historic preservation among homeowners. The new ordinance will allow the Planning Commission (PC) flexibility in approving permits for the owners of landmarked properties to request deviations and wavers in the zoning code that make more appropriate renovations and restorations possible. 

The ordinance has been in the works since the Cultural Heritage ordinance was created – as part of a larger program of incentives that includes the Mills Act Contract and other options being considered. 

The Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC) and the PC hastened development of the ordinance to accommodate renovations on the Harry Cohn Estate; the home was landmarked last summer. The homeowners renovations, in order to accommodate their needs and retain architectural integrity, required a ten-foot encroachment on the setback. 

The Cohn Estate and all currently landmarked properties will be eligible for the Historic Incentive Permit. 

The CHC and the PC are currently working on sweeping changes in the Cultural Heritage Ordinance, including provisions that will accommodate landmarked properties in the future.

It is hoped that such incentives will serve to encourage homeowners with historic properties to consider historic preservation.