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Beverly Hills News – New Schools, New Look – for Crosswalks, too!


Posted: Sunday, August 14, 2016 – 10:40 PM

While kids are getting new school clothes and supplies, the crosswalks at each of the Beverly Hills’ schools have a new look as well. 

Utilizing the “continental design,” the crosswalks have been upgraded and spruced up for safety with the ladder of bold yellow lines at each nearby intersection for higher visibility.

A setback line is also typically painted several inches before the actual crosswalk to keep cars further away from pedestrians for added safety.

Ellen Lutwak who initiated Walk to School Wednesdays as a part of the global campaign of Safe Routes to School has been an advocate for this improvement for several years, reaching out to the Beverly Hills Police Department, parents, school board members, city staff and related commissions. Under the direction of  Aaron Kunz, AICP, Deputy Director of Transportation, Community Development Department, a representative of Fehrs & Peers Transportation Consultants presented the consultancy’s findings to the Transportation & Parking Commission on July 7 – with the recommendation that the crosswalks be updated at the schools as well as by Beverly Gardens Park.

To celebrate this upgrade, Lutwak founder of the community page Walk Beverly Hills encourages residents to post pictures of their families crossing at their local schools’ new crosswalks. She is also a part-time crossing guard through All City Management Services and works at all of the BHUSD locations, noting that all too often parents and caregivers are distracted by talking and texting when dropping off and picking up students. Working in coordination with additional traffic officers at the schools plus these crosswalks will help improve safety at the schools.

If residents or visitors note dangerous crosswalk that could benefit from upgraded crosswalks, more signage or additional police monitoring, Kunz recommends that people provide their observations directly to Transportation at 310-285-1128, or through “AskBev” on the City’s website.