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Frances Allen’s Desert Roundup -

Lori Sarner It has been said, (sung, actually), that “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.” The truth of this catchy little verse gets put to the test every July in the Desert as approximately 400 guests (not all English) and their pets (not only dogs, but cats and birds as well) brave triple-digit temperatures to attend the annual mid-summer luncheon gala in support of “Pets on Parade,” held at the pet-friendly Doral Desert Princess Resort in Cathedral City. Read More

Connie Martinson Talks Books

Journey To The Sun: Junipero Serra’s Dream And The Founding Of California (Scribner $30) is a well written book by Gregory Orfalea that tells the story of this famous Franciscan priest. Born 1713, he attended San Bernadino in Petra. In August 1790, Serra set sail for the new world or “New Spain” with the quest to convert the Indians to Catholicism. Read More

Jerry Cutler On Film— ‘Sex Tape’ A Disappointment

Yes, we are in the decades of sexual revolution where sex tapes have catapulted the less talented to stardom. Let me not be the first to tell you that the sexual revolution on the silver screen enabling countless of millions to explore moments of intimate pleasure is better suited for the porn theatres than for main stream theatrical distribution. It is ugly, demeaning, and a blot on the ongoing self-degradation of the once proud American cinema when the likes of Rock Hudson and Doris Day were number one worldwide box office attractions. Read More

‘Dishing It Up’ With Sharon Insul –

A bottle of wine wrapped in a colorful dishtowel makes a unique and useful gift. The difference between a hostess/host, house-warming or just-because gift has been a source of confusion for many; and is as diverse as caviar is to Spam. When my Beverly Hills boutique was open, we became known and labeled as a mecca for gifts. Not just gifts, but ones that were creatively unique. As my clientele would say time and time again—no matter what the occasion, no one ever left without just the right gift, and wrapped to the nines, regardless of price. Read More

Pet Talk With Dr. Jill Goldman — Enrichment = Mental Stimulation

Enrichment Using a dog’s natural tendency to scavenge or forage for food can, in fact, enhance a dog’s life. Many dogs lack the appropriate physical and mental stimulation to keep them sufficiently occupied, so they respond to whatever stimulation is available and expend their energy reacting. Consequently, a host of undesirable activities can develop, such as excessive barking by the window or fence, destruction of furniture and footwear because of boredom or stress, and in some cases repetitive stereotypic behavior (e.g. excessive licking). Toys that facilitate scavenging behavior can help re-direct a dog’s attention to a task, and in the process reward the dog for being quiet and well-behaved. Read More

Jerry Cutler On Film -

John Carney has written and directed Begin Again, a worthy follow-up to his successful Once.  The music is there, the performers, dialogue and direction are there. However, it missed the simplicity and innocence of his first endeavor. That’s not to say with it’s high-end cast (Kiera Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine, Catherine Keener, Hailee Steinfeld and Cee Lo Green), is not worth some first-class bagels from this reviewer. It is…but a limited amount because of a few misgivings. Read More