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Conquering Stress! With Dr. Arlene— Work Causes Stress

WIN book front copy More than 30 million employees walk out of work every year and blame their “bad bosses.” Is that the real reason? No! It is all about stress management. The stress is managing them. They believe if they leave their jobs, the stress will magically disappear. Not necessarily so. Remember, they are now unemployed. Read More

Film Reviews—Is Latest Film ‘A Cure’ For Gore Verbinski’s Career Woes? Plus, A ‘Great (Wall’ of An) Adventure

"A Cure For Wellness" is at its strongest when it's embracing its horror elements, creating such an effective sense of dread that, even when audiences know something is coming, the anticipation makes it terrifying, rather than eyeroll-worthy. The Great Wall never aspires to be more than an engaging action fantasy film with themes of “cooperation leads to victory,” and it succeeds at doing just that. Read More