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Joan Mangum’s Society Scene—Extraordinary Families Honors Lee Daniels, ‘This Is Us,’ Howard Kaufman

The Extraordinary Families gala at the Beverly Hilton attracted, from left, Gary Newman, Brooke Kaufman Halsband, Sarah Boone, and co-honoree Lee Daniels. Foster parents Kim Kopp and Lisa McFann, who have fostered four children and adopted two of them during the past four years, received the Sylvia Fogelman Founder’s Award. Former foster youth spoke poignantly about their journey through the foster care system. “We are strong. We are determined. We are resilient. Extraordinary Families is helping us build our futures,” they said.   Read More

Conquering Stress! With Dr. Arlene — Cluttered Minds Cause Stress

WIN book front copy 2 Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 – 1:38 PM Is your mind like a cluttered closet? If so, pause and focus on your mind. If you experience a wide array of ideas popping in and out, organize the flow and retrieval of the information. By doing that, you will avoid cognitive dissonance— ideas colliding— which can […] Read More