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Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elders: Renee Taylor & Joe Bologna

When Renee Taylor first set eyes on Joe Bologna, she recalled thinking: “This is the man I’m going to marry.”  Joe, for his part, wondered: “Why is this woman looking at me funny?”  In fact, it wasn’t long before the two soon paired off for a lifetime of love and a writing partnership that spawned some 20+ films and plays. Next month the two will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, and on Sept. 20 at the Four Seasons Hotel, the two will be feted as this year’s Beverly Hills Theatre Guild honorees. Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder Valeda Andler, Devoted Volunteer

It’s been nearly 50 years since Valeda Andler was last featured in The Courier–the first time included her working on the vegetable garden she planted in the vacant lot across the street from her Beverly Hills home. That lot, which she and her husband, Maxwell, opted not to purchase because the owner “wanted half as much for that lot as we paid for this house,” eventually became  the home of actress Loretta Young, whose kitchen wallpaper was so becoming that Valeda arranged to have the same for her own kitchen. Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Priceless Memories With The Six Million Dollar Man

Perhaps best known for his iconic roles on The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, at 89, Beverly Hills resident Richard Anderson has “at last” released the story of his life in Richard Anderson: At Last...A Memoir. The book, which came out this week, offers a treasure trove of vignettes culled from experiences in the film business, where he worked with such luminaries as Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner. Read More