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Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Max Webb, Voice For Israel, Businessman

Before departing from Max Webb’s Beverly Hills office to take The Courier to lunch at Canters Deli on Fairfax, where he orders a tongue sandwich, the successful 98-year-old philanthropist gingerly rolls up his left arm dress shirt sleeve to reveal the tattoo he received in 1943 at  Auschwitz-Birkenau, one of 18 Nazi camps from which he survived during the Holocaust. Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Selene Walters, Actress, Writer

Selene Walters, 91, who has spent most of her life living in Beverly Hills, has stories to tell. For example, there was the time, shortly after she divorced her second husband at age 20 for slapping her around, that she ran off to Paris in pursuit of the Shah of Iran, leaving her young daughter in the care of a nursemaid to pursue what became a headline-grabbing international romance. Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Marian Corday’s Six Decades In B.H.

At 96 years old, Beverly Hills resident Marian Corday has seen the world grow, change, widen and shrink. She has raised two children through the Beverly Hills school system, forged lifelong friendships with people who are mostly now gone from the earth, pioneered as a scientist in male-dominated era, and travelled the globe with her late husband of 58 years, Dr. Eliot Corday. Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elder: Eunice Markman, 94, Tenant For Life

Eunice Markman, 94, has a twinkle in her eye when she shares certain stories that have long stayed hidden in her rat trap brain.

For the past 50 years she has been a Beverly Hills renter, living in the same classic French Normandy apartment on Doheny Drive.
The triplex was originally built in 1936 by a widow with three sons who used two of the units for rental income and had a stipulation that the building would not be sold until all three boys were deceased.
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Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elders: Marilyn & Monty Hall – Emmy Winners, Patrons

When Monty and Marilyn Hall bought their Beverly Hills home in 1962, just a stone’s throw from Santa Monica Boulevard, they received a friendly warning that perhaps it wasn’t the best place to buy, after all, there were plans for a subway to run that route. Fifty-two years later, the Halls have raised three successful children, count five grandchildren, and boast full lives that include an Emmy-win for each and having raised over $1 billion for worthy causes; meanwhile, not one subway track has been laid along the Beverly Hills thoroughfare. Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elders: Carol & Jerry Redston

Jerry and Carol Redston’s Arden Drive home in Beverly Hills where they have lived for nearly half a century is the epitome of family. When The Courier visited, their youngest daughter, Robin, who teaches at Temple Emanuel Of Beverly Hills, stopped in briefly to drop off her son Miles (one of eight Redston grandchildren) to rest after he had taken ill at school. Read More