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Hurricane Hector Threatens Hawaii; Hurricane John Targets Mexico

Hurricane Hector whirled toward Hawaii Tuesday with 130 mph winds, bringing the threat of dangerous swells on two islands in the US archipelago state.

Beverly Hills News – Rent Stabilization Ordinance Facilitated Discussions to Begin

Three Facilitated Dialogue Sessions have been scheduled for the Rent Stabilization Ordinance at Roxbury Park. The sessions are set for Saturday, Aug. 11, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.; Wednesday, August 15, 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.; and Saturday, Aug. 25, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. Unfortunately, the issues being discussed on Saturdays are critical to the welfare of many apartment residents who will be unable to attend.

Heat Wave Wreaks Havoc on Power Supply

  Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Southern California Edison crews worked Monday to restore power to tens of thousands of customers blacked out over the weekend as the Southand's first summer heat wave of 2018 wreaked havoc with power supplies.

U.S. has World’s Highest Number of People Seeking Asylum

 The United States -- facing massive controversy over immigration -- received more asylum requests than any other developed nation in 2017, overtaking Germany, the OECD said in a report published Wednesday.

US President Donald Trump Insisted Monday that US is Not a “Migrant Camp”

President Donald Trump insisted Monday that the United States would not become a "migrant camp," as he faced soaring pressure to end the separation of immigrant families on America's southern border.

Norway’s Worst Mass Murderer Appeals to ECHR: Incarceration Conditions are “Inhuman”

 Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik will learn Thursday the result of his appeal at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against his prison conditions in Norway.

Los Angeles City Council Approves $4.9 Billion People Mover

The Los Angeles City Council Wednesday approved a $4.9 billion contract for the design and construction of an Automated People Mover system at Los Angeles International Airport that will carry passengers among terminals and connect with nearby rail lines.

Basement Ordinance Referendum Race Heats Up

Efforts continue to gather signatures on a petition that will stop the City’s new Basement Ordinance from going into effect, overturning the will of the residents and the vote of the entire City Council for the benefit of real estate agent Branden Williams and his client billionaire developer Francesco Aquilini, who wish to build the project on Loma Linda Drive.

Easter Bunnies Need Special Care: Abandoned Bunnies Flood Shelters After Easter

Easter is a time of great importance for Christians and often a time of great fun for children, but for volunteers in one segment of the animal rescue community, it's the worst time of year.

Trump Puts NAFTA on the Table Ahead of Migrant Caravan Headed for US Border

 US President Donald Trump accused Mexico on Sunday of doing "very little" to stop the flow of people across the US border, and threatened to target the North American Free Trade Agreement in retaliation.

Beverly Hills News – Don’t Sign it ‘Till You Read It! Update on the Fight for Local Control at Loma Linda Drive

Following the original post of this article last week regarding the efforts of an anonymous person to gather signatures on a petition for a referendum on the November ballot to rescind the new Basement Ordinance, the Courier received a letter from an attorney representing Francesco Aquilini threatening a defamation lawsuit and demanding a retraction. The Courier will not retract.

LA City Council Votes to Oppose Wiener’s Density Bill SB827

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to oppose legislation proposed by State Senator Scott Wiener to intensify development around what the proposal terms "transit corridors" -- anywhere within a half mile of a bus stop that has four buses per hour.

Beverly Hills News – Loma Linda: Don’t Sign It Until You Read It!

Don't sign any petition until you’ve read it very carefully -  because it may be used to force the City of Beverly Hills into letting Loma Linda Ltd. build their projects on Loma Linda Drive.

Stephen Hawking, Genius Physicist, Passing Mourned Throughout the World

 World dignitaries, celebrities and academics on Wednesday mourned Stephen Hawking, the British physicist who died aged 76 after a cosmic career in which his mental genius transcended his physical disability to probe the secrets of the universe.

George Lucas Breaks Ground on Lucas Museum in Exposition Park

George Lucas and his wife, Mellody Hobson, joined local dignitaries Wednesday to formally break ground on the filmmaker's $1 billion art museum in Exposition Park, vowing that the building itself would be a work of art.

Los Angeles Students Walkout to Protest Gun Violence and Advocate Gun Control

  Chanting slogans, toting signs and at times linking arms, thousands of Southland students walked out of class Wednesday and onto football fields, tracks or lawns, to honor the 17 victims of last month's school shooting in Florida and to call for action to improve campus safety.
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