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Bette Midler opens in Hello, Dolly on April 20 at New York’s Shubert Theater.  Previewers’ praise is going viral.

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Bette Midler’s Hello, Dolly has raked in more than $35 million at the box office for producer Scott Rudin’s revival for this forever-flush goldmine.  Composed by Jerry Herman and written by Michael Stewart.  As matchmaker Dolly Levi, she co-stars with David Hyde Pierce as Horace Vandengelder.   Previews began last week  at the Shubert Theatre under the direction of Jerry Zaks.  The  revival, inspired decades ago by Thornton Wilder’s comedy, The Matchmaker,  plays through January 14, 2018. Read More

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Alan Loayza, Nick Holmes, Tanc Sade carried on during the premiere of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life at the Fox Bruin Theater “No, no, no!”  She shook her head adamantly.  Refusing to wear any undergarments.  No bra, no panties.  Costume designer, the award-winning Jean Louis pleaded. But she was in the midst of tantrum, crying.  Refusing to wear her nude chiffon gown, hand-embroidered with 2,500 beaded crystals at a cost of $12,000.  She insisted on being sewn into it.  Stark naked.  He argued that she might not be able to control her bladder. “Just a bikini panty,” he begged.  Didn’t matter, she claimed.  The sparkle would masquerade any of the pee. Read More