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George Christy Talks About Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Auction House Highlights, Venai Jelks and More!

Alan Loayza, Nick Holmes, Tanc Sade carried on during the premiere of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life at the Fox Bruin Theater “No, no, no!”  She shook her head adamantly.  Refusing to wear any undergarments.  No bra, no panties.  Costume designer, the award-winning Jean Louis pleaded. But she was in the midst of tantrum, crying.  Refusing to wear her nude chiffon gown, hand-embroidered with 2,500 beaded crystals at a cost of $12,000.  She insisted on being sewn into it.  Stark naked.  He argued that she might not be able to control her bladder. “Just a bikini panty,” he begged.  Didn’t matter, she claimed.  The sparkle would masquerade any of the pee. Read More

George Christy Talks About Carole Bayer Sager, Lynda and Stewart Resnick and More!

Event chair Eva Chow with husband Michael Chow during the 2016 LACMA Art + Film Gala presented by Gucci at LACMA Arrivals admired Carole Bayer Sager’s embroidered Valentino jacket and her patience, seated as she was in the sumptuous lobby of Lynda and Stewart Resnick’s manorial Beverly Hills residence.   Autographing more than 150 gift books for guests, now that she’d returned from New York where her attorney Allan Grubman and wife Deborah feted her with a celebration party at their Park Avenue apartment. Read More