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George Christy Talks About George and Jolene Schlatter, Goldie Hawn, Lily Tomlin, Bumblebee and more!

Jolene Schlatter telephones. To share the good news about the grand soiree she hosted for husband George “The Maestro” Schlatter. Who’s given us hundreds of weeks of laughter and joy with his television series that will be revisited time and again through the years ahead.

George Christy Talks About Pete And Madelyn Hammond, Movie Spoofs, Holiday Cards and more!

Creative surprises arrive unexpectedly. As happened with marketing maven Madelyn Hammond and husband, Pete Hammond, our Chief Film Critic/Columnist for Deadline Hollywood.

George Christy Talks About Mitzi Gaynor, Lily Tomlin, Michael Feinstein, Liza Minelli and more!

Over the river and through the woods to our beloved Mitzi’s we celebrate in Beverly Hills.

George Christy Talks About The Cedars-Sinai Women’s Guild, Diane Keaton, Nancy Meyers and more!

Certainly, there were women in the audience remembering Diane Keaton sprinting across the screen bare-assed-naked in Something’s Gotta Give.

George Christy Talks About Lilly Tartikoff Karatz, MOCA, The American Music Awards, and more!

Valentine’s Day.  Cold and rainy.  Yet warmth and sunshine prevailed in a Brooklyn family with the arrival of a bouncing baby named Arnold.

George Christy Talks About Venom, Marilyn Monroe, Chuck Fries and more!

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall” is Oscar Wilde’s view about the change of seasons.

George Christy Talks About Georgette Mosbacher, India Irving, Lynn von Kersting, and more!

Extraordinaire. As we say in Paris. Hers is an explosive gift of talent, bustin’ out all over. An artist who never stops giving. Generously and graciously.

George Christy Talks About Georgette Mosbacher, Andy Warhol, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and more!

We are thrilled and proud that our loyal, dynamic and beautiful friend of 40 years, Georgette Mosbacher, has been approved by the Senate to serve as our ambassador to Poland. Georgette has raised more than $525 million for charities during the past years.

George Christy Talks About Princess Lilly Fallah Lawrence, The Benefits Of Celery Juice, The Spy Who Dumped Me and more!

As we become younger (ha!), we discover hidden secrets from Mother Earth. Once more, as we get younger, Mother Earth astonishes us with highs and lows, yeas and nays about our bodies.

George Christy Talks About Rick Bragg, Momma Margaret, The Best Cook In The World, Katie Holmes and more!

Our brothers and sisters from the South have a way with words. In their language and in their writings.

George Christy Talks About Avra Estiatorio, Elgart Aster, Greek Delicacies and more!

The Big Noise in Beverly Hills since April of this year is noisier than ever. Several months are past, as our locals flock to beat the drum about Avra.

George Christy Talks About Lake Como, George Clooney, Elgart Aster and more!

“The women come and go,” as poet T.S. Eliot composed in The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock, “talking of Michelangelo.”  Which we are paraphrasing into “talking of Villa d’Este.”

George Christy Talks About Grace Kelly, Ocean City, New Jersey, Selena Gomez and more!

Grace Kelly won an Oscar for her dramatic portrayal in The Country Girl, opposite William Holden and Bing Crosby.  She later married Prince Rainier III of the House of Grimaldi of Monaco to become the first American-born Princess in that gambling rich principality.

George Christy Talks About Patrick Soon-Shiong, the LA Times, The Radio Disney Music Awards and more!

How he does all that he does is a mystery for the ages.  Patrick Soon-Shiong, 65, the billionaire who’s built a medical empire, and, as of this month, is the owner and publisher of the Los Angeles Times.

George Christy Talks About Vivien Leigh, Sir Laurence Olivier, Stephen Galloway and more!

In a freight elevator in midtown Manhattan is where we met Vivien Leigh, the Academy-Award-winning actress for her roles as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, which won 10 Oscars, and Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire, winning four Oscars.

George Christy Talks About Brad Krevoy, Kristin Davis, Elephant Poaching In Africa and more!

Time for another Big Shout Out to Brad Krevoy. The producer of more than 100 films and series during his award-winning career.
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