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George Christy Talks About Prosecuting Evil, Barry Avrich, The Toronto International Film Festival and more!

Next week, Prosecuting Evil will be a hot ticket at the 42nd Annual Toronto International Film Festival. Written, directed and produced by maestro Barry Avrich,  the documentarian whose credits are major.

George Christy Talks About Georgette Mosbacher, India Irving, Lynn von Kersting, and more!

Extraordinaire. As we say in Paris. Hers is an explosive gift of talent, bustin’ out all over. An artist who never stops giving. Generously and graciously.

George Christy Talks About Rick Bragg, Momma Margaret, The Best Cook In The World, Katie Holmes and more!

Our brothers and sisters from the South have a way with words. In their language and in their writings.

George Christy Talks About Avra Estiatorio, Elgart Aster, Greek Delicacies and more!

The Big Noise in Beverly Hills since April of this year is noisier than ever. Several months are past, as our locals flock to beat the drum about Avra.

George Christy Talks About Brad Krevoy, Kristin Davis, Elephant Poaching In Africa and more!

Time for another Big Shout Out to Brad Krevoy. The producer of more than 100 films and series during his award-winning career.

George Christy Talks About Jim and Ann Gianopolus, Marine Corporal Douglas Banker, The Chrysalis Butterfly Ball and more!

“Visiting Ashford Castle in England last May, I sensed something was wrong with me,” recalls our Los Angeles Marine Corporal Douglas Banker, who served in the front lines during the Gulf War.

George Christy Talks About Alan Shayne, Finding Silvia, Cate Blanchett and more

An aura of elusive mystery pervades Finding Sylvia.  An Alan Shayne novel of pages-filled suspense. Reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca.  And Laura by Vera Caspary.  Both remain forever popular.

George Christy Talks About Vanity Fair, Oscar Parties, Radhika Jones and more

On March 4, The Wallis will be transformed into a multimillion dollar setting for the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party.   Designed and produced by the innovative Sara Marks, longtime director of the magazine’s special projects.

George Christy Talks About The Academy Awards, How Oscar Got His Name, Peter Rabbit and more

Oscar time, and the pickin’ ain’t easy.  To paraphrase George Gershwin’s classic ballad, Summertime, And The Livin’ Is Easy.

George Christy Talks About Gypsy Rose Lee, Doris Day, Jennifer Lopez, World of Dance and more

After college, Uncle Sam trumpeted his bugle for our three years of army service. Where we joined the dozen soldiers integrating a black battalion, since our 201 files showed not a whit of prejudice.  And where, sadly, we all lost our hair wearing those heavy steel helmets.  Wives and girlfriends complained, but the commanding officer shouted, “Shut up … you’re in the army now!”

George Christy Talks About The Ear, Grammy Parties, The Producer’s Guild Awards and more

The Night Before belongs to The Ear.  This is the 42nd annual year of his pre-Grammy party. In Manhattan this time around at the Sheraton Hotel, so huge that observers wisecrack “you’ll get lost in the lobby.”

George Christy Talks About e. baldi, Edoardo Baldi, Critics’ Choice Awards and more

October 10, 2006.  A day we remember. The day Edoardo Baldi opened the door of his eponymous culinary paradise, e. baldi, in Beverly Hills at 375 North Canon Drive.

George Christy Talks About The Golden Globes, Seth Meyers, Meher Tatna, Debra Messing and more

“You know you’re not the first choice when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association asks you in mid-November.”  Seth Meyers of Late Night fame told The New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff.

George Christy Talks About John and Joan Hotchkis, Palm Springs International Film Festival and more

John Hotchkis.  People You Should Know.  Never met a joke he didn’t like. He collected them.  Always incorporated a funny reference or two in the early paragraphs of his quarterly newsletter, Economic Notes.

George Christy Talks About Stephen Tomar, Larry Kudlow, Economic News and more

The mystery of creativity.   The eighth wonder.  Inspiring talent around the world.  As it does in Hollywood, where Stephen Tomar, an emigrant from the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) is fulfilling his destiny with art and design.

George Christy Talks About Madelyn and Pete Hammond, Holiday Greetings and more

A unique treat at this time of year is finding the holiday greetings from Madelyn and Pete Hammond in our mailbox.  Madelyn’s the entertaining industry’s marketing wizard and Pete’s the chief film critic and columnist for Deadline Hollywood.  For many past Decembers, they’ve powered their creative guns for clever spoofs of the movie posters of fun or favorite films.
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