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Mirisch: June Gloom – Yet Another Blank Check School Bond

The BHUSD Board of Education isn’t doing a particularly good job of educating our kids (the once top-ranked Beverly Hills High School is now a dismal 760th in the nation). Its boardmembers seem to be clueless about school safety and security, being forced to rely almost entirely on the BHPD (they leave school gates and doors wide open and then complain that there are no police guarding the open gates). Read More

Hal Lifson’s Corner: Tower Of Power’s Doc Kupka Still Rockin’

hat001 Posted: Friday, April 14, 2017 – 2:55 PM Ever since I was a teenager in the early 1970s, I have worshipped the band Tower Of Power. Their five-man horn assault is constantly referred to as the “World’s Greatest Horn Section.” Drummer David Garibaldi and bass player Rocco Prestia are the best in the world at “pure funk” and play seamless syncopated […] Read More

Hal Lifson: ‘Jenny C’ Takes You For A Ride

Posted: Friday, March 31, 2017 – 12:11 PM We have a major motivator in our midst here in Beverly Hills. Her name is Jenny Canales, but you may know her as Jenny C, the inspirational and profoundly upbeat Soul Cycle instructor with a loyal following. Jenny’s classes are always fun, challenging and replenishing. Soul Cycle is all about […] Read More

Letters to the Editor – 3/24/17

As a parent of three children at Horace Mann, I attended our PTA Meeting, prompted by the news that teacher layoffs were discussed as means to budget cutting at the last school board meeting, and that both Superintendent Bregy and Board of Education President Mel Spitz would be speaking at our meeting. I have been told that 8 teachers at Horace Mann will be let go, and was very curious as to how that was being justified.   Read More

Letters to the Editor – 2/10/17

Posted: Friday, February 10, 2017 – 2:03 PM The hypocrisy of those who pretend to support democracy in Beverly Hills is becoming more blatant. We have the same 30+ residents who preach democracy while supporting elections with less than 18-percent voter turnout. What is more egregious is they don’t care if $500,000 is taken from […] Read More

Letters to the Editor — 1/13/17

Posted: Friday, January 13, 2017 – 11:07 AM Last year you covered a story on my brother Greg who was run over by the truck in the Nice ISIS attack and again when Secretary of State John Kerry visited him in the hospital in Nice. After almost 7 months in France, he will be returning […] Read More

Letters to the Editor – 11/11/16

Posted: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 – 12:19 PM Our local election this week had me thinking a lot about The Beverly Hilton and its incredible significance here in our City. My first visit to The Beverly Hilton was way back in the mid-1960s when my Aunt Miriam and Uncle Herb Liberman took me there with […] Read More

The Courier’s 2016 Election Endorsements

Measure HH (Hilton Initiative): YesIn addition to a new 26-story building at the City’s gateway, “yes on HH” means a new 1.7 acre garden that will be open to the public (the covenant has been recorded by the county) and will bring $33 million in additional revenue on top of all the previously guaranteed development […] Read More

Hal Lifson Salutes Beverly Hills’ Own AM Radio Station

Did you know Beverly Hills has its own radio station? It’s a really cool throwback mix which features Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole and legendary crooners. I am referring of course, to the newly launched, “Unforgettable 1260AM” which just switched formats from classical music to The Great American Songbook. This is old timey […] Read More

A Community Story From Hal Lifson – Charlie The Crossing Guard

By Hal Lifson When I drop my 5th and 3rd grader daughters (Sofia and Olympia) off at El Rodeo School each morning, I am greeted by Charlie “The Crossing Guard,” always smiling in his day-glo yellow vest and hat, and carrying the big red “stop” sign that I wish I could wave at many school […] Read More

Letters to the Editor – 9/2/16

I read with amusement last week’s article on the “new” Board of Education policy “returning” power to the BHUSD superintendent. Funny because this is already the law under Education Code and Board Policy as the board can only act at a properly noticed meeting and through a vote of a majority of boardmembers voting “yes” […] Read More

Letters to the Editor – 8/19/16

Next Thursday night (Aug. 25), Beverly Hills Concerts on Canon will host the Stephen Wise Temple band, known for outstanding musical presentations at its reformed synagogue in Bel Air. This will be a family friendly pop music concert with some traditional Hebrew songs included. Yoshi Zweiback is the charismatic new senior rabbi at Wise Temple, […] Read More

Letters to the Editor — 8/12/16

Posted: Monday, August 15, 2016 – 2:35 PM For many people 13 is an unlucky even ominous number. Not so for me. It was 13 years ago that Brigitte and I moved into our Olympic Boulevard apartment where so much profound happiness has taken place. It’s hard to picture living anywhere else. When we first […] Read More

Hal Lifson Salutes Sandy Koufax

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 – 2:29 PM Earlier this month, baseball pitching legend Sandy Koufax made an appearance at the “Old Timer’s Game” at Dodger Stadium. Sandy has become very visible in recent years at Dodger games and threw out an incredible first pitch in the All Star game last year to veteran catcher […] Read More

Courier Letters To The Editor 7/1/16

Beverly Hills is so lucky to have its own “official ice cream man.” His name is Amir, and if you don't know him, stop by Beverly Hills High School most weekdays and weekends and you will see his truck parked regally in his “private spot” in front of the Swim Gym.   Read More

Letters to the Editor – 6/24

I am 91 years old, retired aerospace program director. I have lived in many buildings in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area during the last 76 years but nothing compares to the nightmare of living in a Donald Sterling building for the past five years. Shortly after I moved in, my apartment was flooded due to […] Read More

Letters to the Editor – 5/6/2016

Millions have been mourning the passing of gifted musician Prince the past couple of weeks, but few may know of his genuine love for Beverly Hills. He was a frequent guest here and stayed most comfortably a lot of times in his private bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel. I wrote an item on Prince […] Read More

Letters To The Editor – 4/29/2016

This is in response to the April 15, 2016 article “Who’s in charge in the Beverly Hills Post Office?” Your story inferred the U.S. Postal Service does not know the whereabouts of Beverly Hills Postmaster Koula Fuller, which is not true. Prior to the publication of this story, I responded to your query on Fuller’s […] Read More