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L.A. Planning Commission Tightens Rules On Mansionization

M-901Strada-540x360-1 The City Planning Commission today approved stricter rules aimed at discouraging the construction of so-called "McMansions" -- homes that are bigger than typically built in a neighborhood -- including a requirement that would restrict living space to less than half of the property lot size.   Read More

Tagger Arrested For Memorial Day Tagging of Venice Vietnam Veterans Memorial

user20311-1468521468-media1_2a282b_240_135_PrsMe_ Angel Castro, a 24-year old, male, Hispanic, was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon, July 13, 2016.  He was wanted by LASD Transit Policing Division detectives in connection with the defacement of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Venice, California just before Memorial Day this year.  The wall is located at the rear of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Division 6. Read More