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Beverly Hills News – The Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau Announces Date for Chinese New Year Celebration

Posted: Monday, December 22, 2014 – 1:59 PM “Save the Date,” reads the announcement, a request that recipients save Feb.1, 2015, for the City’s celebration of Chinese New Years! This extravaganza has grown more important as the City’s cultural mix includes an increasingly greater proportion of Chinese residents and guests.  Beverly Hills actively cultivates a healthy […] Read More

Beverly Hills News – $70 Million is Highest Price Ever in Beverly Hills for a Home

Little 70 mill Beverly Hills recorded the highest-priced sale in its history at $70 million Thursday for an 8-bedroom, 15-bath home in Trousdale Estates. Congratulations go to Branden Williams and his wife-and-partner Rayni Williams at Hilton & Hyland. The buyer was represented by Sally Forster Jones, president of Aaroe International Luxury Properties and Katia De Los Reyes of John Aaroe Group. Read More

Los Angeles Building And Safety Investigating Weekend Work Done At Mohamed Hadid’s 901 Strada Vecchia In Bel-Air

A cement mixer at 901 Strada Vecchia Could the presence of cement trucks and workers climbing scaffolding to work on walls at a construction site signal a little more than just routine land maintenance? That's the question the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) is taking its time to answer as it looks into activity over the weekend at Mohamed Hadid's infamous 901 Strada Vecchia in Bel-Air. As The Courier reported Monday, nearby residents reported hammering and sawing as early as 5 a.m. last Friday at the nearly 30,000 square foot home, and photographs show a large cement truck on the property, with workers laying cement near the driveway and climbing scaffolds to install apparent siding on the walls. The ball is now in the court of LADBS, which sent an inspector out to the site Monday for a site visit. Bob Steinbach, who heads the LADBS Inspection Bureau, said no work was being done during Monday's visit, but that his staff is currently investigating what took place over the weekend. "LADBS inspection staff have visited the site and are investigating work done over Thanksgiving weekend that is in violation of a Stop Work Order issued by this department." Steinbach said. Read More

Beverly Hills News – City Council Establishes Historic Incentive Permit

The Beverly Hills City Council has approved a highly-anticipated incentive program that could encourage historic preservation among homeowners. The new ordinance will allow the Planning Commission (PC) flexibility in approving permits for the owners of landmarked properties to request deviations and wavers in the zoning code that make more appropriate renovations and restorations possible.  Read More

Beverly Hills News – Planning Commission Review Will Significantly Alter Cultural Heritage Ordinance

Maintaining that historic preservation of single-family homes depresses real estate prices, Planning Commission (PC) Chair Howard Fisher and Commissioner Craig Corman have undertaken to rewrite the Cultural Heritage ordinance that was created just two and a half years ago, when developers sought to demolish one of the three homes built by Master Architect Richard Neutra in Beverly Hills.

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