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Beverly Hills News – BHUSD Seeks Clarification On Scout House Land Issues

Senior Scouts Spencer Lemann and Jude Binkley teach lashings to the next generation of Troop 33 scouts just crossed over from Cub Scouts From left to right, Christopher Wazzan; Ryan Molinare; Matias Olavarria; Collin Jones; Dylan Davis; Jude Conway; Nathan borshell; Luke Villapando The planned closure of the Scout House and subsequent demolition and takeover of the property by the Los Angeles Country Club has hit a major snag. Digging into their 80-year relationship with Beverly Hills Unified School District and their shared lot lines has turned up some skeletons in the closet, including questions about ownership of the three cabins and the property beneath them. Read More

Beverly Hills News – City Council Approves Strict New Water Conservation Measures

The Beverly Hills City Council at the April 21 study session agreed to implement a modified version of Stage D of the City’s emergency water conservation program in order to meet the state-mandated goal of a 36% reduction in water use. The strict new conservation measures were imposed in response to the severe state-wide drought and a projected 15% cutback in water delivery from the Metropolitan Water District, which supplies 90% of the City’s water.

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Hadid Implicated in Neighbor’s Intimidation at 901 Strada Vecchia

Mohamed Hadid allegedly has been hurling threats at the neighbor's property manager, blaming Mr. Sebastian Garcia for the photographs of illegal work being undertaken at 901 Strada Vecchia following a stop-work order and multiple building violations. Threats prompted a call to the LAPD who took a statement from Mr. Garcia. Read More