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Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills City Council Seeks Balance on Rentals

 In a 5-0 vote, the Beverly Hills City Council voted for an urgency ordinance that will protect renters from allowed annual 10 percent rent increases, add meaningful relocation fees to assist in no-cause evictions and create a database and a registry of the apartment inventory in the City of Beverly Hills to enable the City to monitor building conditions, rent increases, evictions and general rent conditions. Read More

Tammany Hall, Beverly Hills Style

imgres Former Beverly Hills City Mayor Barry Brucker became a paid lobbyist for the Wanda project. He was mayor when the City Council approved the original project in 2008. City Attorney Larry Wiener and the City Council cannot change those facts to make a more convenient narrative.  Read More

City Tells Residents of Plans to Clean Up of Lots 12 & 13

imgres At a meeting Wednesday evening on the maintenance of Lots 12 & 13, Deputy Building Official David Yelton found residents were most interested in how residents could trust Beverly Hills Land Company to take care of the property as they have been instructed, and wondering why the City has  not taken back the management of the property that is on the City's easement. Read More