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Men’s Sexual Health Expert Dr. Paul Turek Believes In Treating ‘The Whole Man’

“My practice is men’s health and my specialty is sexual and reproductive health," says Dr. Turek. His office is a “clinical home for men,” designed to provide state-of-the-art medical treatment in a setting “like a living room" where patients dealing with sensitive issues are treated with respect.

SWEY Aims To Build Girls’ Self Esteem, Confidence Through Yoga, Nutrition

"We think of ourselves as inaction transformers who inspire girls to harness their cool from the inside out, " says SWEY founder Alexandria Karen Mickett.

Breast Cancer Survivor’s Second Act: Bringing New Skin Rejuvenation Technologies To Cancer Survivors, Others

Meryl Kern is passionate about offering women a non-surgical option that provides them with a naturally better version of themselves. “I believe that every woman has a story,” says Kern. “Mine was about embracing life after breast cancer. For other women, it might be about renewal after a divorce, or returning to the workplace, or just doing something that will make them feel as youthful on the outside as they feel on the inside.”

The Courier Sees The Eclipse

Carol Goldsmith took The Courier to Nebraska for the recent solar eclipse.

Summer Programs, Schools & Camps —School Of Rock’s Performance-Based Approach To Music Inspires, Motivates And Builds Confidence

Schools/Camps/Summer Programs—Academic Achievers To Provide Inside Look At College Admissions

Former UPenn Admissions Director Jane Gutman will tell students what the top universities are really looking for at the Saturday, June 17 event.

Active Retirement—Belmont Village Offers Tips For Choosing a Senior Living Community

Finding a place that feels like home, and that can serve both current and future needs is key.

Health And Beauty—BH Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bruce Torkian Sees Trend Toward Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The Mectron Saw helps reduce soft tissue trauma and bruising associated with a traditional nose job. “All that adds up to a quicker and easier recovery for the patient,” Torkian says.

Managing Your Wealth—Buying And Selling Real Estate In An Election Year

The real-estate market typically rises 1.5 percent less during an election year, contrary to a non-election year.

Travel—Exclusive Expeditions Offers Boutique Travel To Cuba

During their time in Cuba, travelers will not only visit historic sites, museums and art galleries (both national and private), but also enjoy Cuban music and dance. Many itineraries also include Jewish sites, provocative meetings with leaders of the Cuban Jewish community and/or notable educators in an intimate setting as well.

Managing Your Wealth —Turning Small Business Tenants Into Buyers

The Courier In Israel

Sholeh Peyman, right, broker at Beverly Hills’ Peyman Realty & Investments, took her daughter Saman and The Courier with her on a recent trip to Israel to celebrate Saman's 15th birthday.  

Health & Beauty—Meryl Kern Starts Survivorship Program With Tower Cancer Research Foundation To Help Other Women With Breast Cancer

Luxury Living—Dr. Ben Talei Excels In The Most Natural-Looking Facelifts, Giving Back To Others

In his year and a half in Beverly Hills, Talei, at his Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery,  has become the go-to surgeon for facelifts that are “extremely natural, but not so subtle that you don’t notice a difference.” Patients have friends and relatives compliment them; but they can’t tell what the client’s had done.

Upper Crust Pizzeria Brings Freshness, Community Involvement To Beverly Hills

With its first West Coast location on  Beverly Hills' Beverly Drive, Upper Crust Pizzeria is out to prove that its Neapolitan-style thin-crust pizza can be a healthy and fresh meal option.

Health & Beauty— Innovative Researched Medical & Beauty Treatments At Infusio

After more than 20 years as a doctor in Frankfurt, Germany, Philip Battiade made a name for himself treating, cancer, lyme and other chronic disease. Now, his Infusio European Medical Center offers intregrative, medical and anti-aging treatments.
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