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Israel and Hamas Agree to Ceasefire

_87989348_rsz_gettyimages-473729156  Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas and Israel agreed to a ceasefire early Saturday, a spokesman for the Palestinian party said, after five people including an Israeli soldier were killed Friday. Read More

Analysts Say Ortega is Undercutting Talks on Nicaragua Crisis

Comandante_Daniel_Ortega_Celbreando_su_nuevo_ttiunfi_Presidencial Posted: Friday, July 20, 2018 – 3:48 PM (AFP) The chances of talks finding a way out of Nicaragua’s deadly unrest have taken a blow after President Daniel Ortega used force to crush protests and called Catholic bishop mediators “coup-mongers,” analysts said Friday. Ortega, a 72-year-old former guerrilla seen as increasingly autocratic, has taken a hardline […] Read More

Top Rep. Ryan Takes Trump to Task on Putin

180411081957-01-paul-ryan-lead-image-super-tease Paul Ryan, the top Republican in the US House of Representatives, called on President Donald Trump Monday to accept that Russia is not an ally of the United States and must be held accountable for meddling in the 2016 election. Read More

All 12 Boys and Coach Rescued From Thai Cave

180630-F-TB713-0004 The final five members of a young football team were rescued from a flooded Thai cave on Tuesday after spending 18 harrowing days trapped deep inside, completing an astonishing against-the-odds rescue mission that captivated the world. Read More

UK Nerve Agent Attack: What we Know so Far

The exposure of an apparently random British couple to the same nerve agent used against former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, in the same part of southwest England, has sent officials scrambling to discover the source of the contamination. Read More

Southland Leaders React After Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban

Supreme Court Justices western sessions A number of Southland civic leaders and elected officials expressed disappointment Tuesday after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump's executive order that largely bans travel and immigration from the nations of Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela and North Korea. Read More

Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Donald Trump's ban on travelers from five mostly Muslim countries -- a big victory for the Republican leader after a tortuous legal battle. Read More