Chopra, Bosse Lead First “S.O.U.L. Session” Meditation At City Hall | BH Courier

Chopra, Bosse Lead First “S.O.U.L. Session” Meditation At City Hall


Posted: Friday, May 12, 2017 – 3:36 PM

An estimated 1,000 people descended upon Beverly Hills City Hall Friday morning, joining renowned alternative medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra and Mayor Lili Bosse in the first of a series of “S.O.U.L. Sessions.”

S.O.U.L. stands for Seek Original Unique Learning, and is a key feature in Bosse’s Healthy City initiative.
Chopra, who has written around 80 books – 21 of which are New York Times bestsellers – led a huge crowd of eager residents in a guided meditation just outside of City Hall.
“Our year-long partnership with Deepka will bring a new dimension of health and wellness to our City.” Bosse said.
Chopra also used the event as an opportunity to launch a Beverly Hills Healthy City version of his Jiyo app, a wellness app that is sort of a personal mental and physical well-being handbook for users. The app provides tips on stretching and exercise tasks the user can complete and includes content from health and wellness experts like Chopra, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Mark Human and more.
For more on Friday’s session and future sessions, see next week’s print edition of the Courier.