George Christy Talks About Arnold Kopelson, Dr. Peter Kopelson, Dermatology and more | BH Courier

George Christy Talks About Arnold Kopelson, Dr. Peter Kopelson, Dermatology and more

The popular dermatologist Dr. Peter Kopelson is partnered with dermatologist Dr. Sheri Feldman at the Kopelson Clinic in Beverly Hills. At right are the Kopelson Clinic teammates.
Sheri G. Feldman, MD
The reception area at the Kopelson Clinic

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Dr. Peter Kopelson’s roommates are three West Highland terriers and a rescue Boxer mix.  He prides himself on his 1920s Spanish Colonial hacienda in West Hollywood with its garden of fragrant blossoms on his orange, lemon, grapefruit trees, and an abundance of flaming cerise bougainvillea vines.  

Having met Peter with his family in the long ago, we’ve known him as Peter, which is why we are bypassing his doctor title in our column.

Peter’s a classical pianist, who, his musical  father Arnold Kopelson, claims “he’s gone way beyond me … Peter’s brilliant.”  Dad being an eminent Oscar-winning producer (1987 Platoon directed by Oliver Stone).  

“Peter’s warm and loving, dating back to childhood… just as he is today.”  No surprise, then, that Peter’s patients find him very comfortable and sympatico.

Considered a major presence by his dermatological colleagues, Peter’s acclaimed by the Who and the Who whose faces are magnified on the big screen, and the respectful everyday people who are loyal to him.  

Peter confirms that Botox remains the unquestionable “quick fix” of the cosmetic kingdom.

He mentions other fillers.  Dysport, Juvederm,  Restyolane.  

“Some may be injected in addition to Botox. I try every filler on myself before treating my patients.” 

Well-known for being ahead of the newest “fillers” and laser treatments, Peter’s in his mid-fifties.  A good-looking dude we might liken to a cinema idol.  Let’s say a Chris Hemsworth,  a Channing Tatum, or a George Clooney, if you will. 

He says that every one of his tattoos  tells a story.  “Mainly about members of my family.”  Mom is Arnold’s co-producer Anne Kopelson, and his siblings include musicmaker Evan, and artist Stephanie.

Profiling Peter in The New York Times, Guy Trebay describes the tattoos as “a human coloring book.”

New York-born Peter arrived in California and during his mid-teens attended Beverly Hills High.  Later majoring in philosophy and pre-med at New York University before  graduating with his Medical Doctor degree.

He does not perform cosmetic surgery, but will operate on cancer patients.

Peter shares an immaculate and inviting contemporary-styled office in Beverly Hills with the beautiful dermatologist, Dr. Sheri Feldman.  Who, in full disclosure,  is our very own distinguished  dermatological guardian.

Dr. Feldman avers that their latest equipment is top of the mark.  “The utmost in modern technology.”  

Propriety prevails that we would  never ask Peter about the celebrated clients he looks after, and apparently they are legion, so we’re told.   Links on the Internet reveal a few names for those who remain ravenously curious.

Peter credits Dr. Nicholas Soter for mentoring him during his NYU studies.

“We would analyze cancer results under the microscope, and his explanations were riveting to a young med student.  Which brought me to the decision to embark on this dermatology career.”

And what a career it’s been.  The world comes  to you, dear Peter, and how fortunate are we in Beverly Hills to embrace you in our midst.

He appreciates and savors our local landscape of healthy Italian cuisine.  Among his favorites are  Madeo for  the pasta pomodoro and veal Milanese, also the spaghetti arrabiata at Angelini Osteria. 

The Kopelson Clinic is at 414 N. Camden Dr. in Beverly Hills.  Telephone: 310-271-7400.