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George Christy Talks About Kathleen Turner, Shera and Peter Falk, Baseball and more

Carl Pacholski Hall
Carl Pacholski Hall

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“Baseball’s a gentleman’s sport … without any violence, as there is in  football,” says Erin O’Connor. massage therapist and Little League coach, whose book Song of the Little League Pitcher is becoming an instant classic.  “Baseball was invented 150 years ago … once a national pastime, it’s now an international  phenomenon.

“At the end of every season, children from all over the world meet and compete for the championship, just like the big leagues.

“Cloaked in the structure of the game, the children discover the value of good sportsmanship and perseverance.”

Easy to read, and with a deep well of knowledge, the handsomely illustrated paperback available at Amazon, guides young readers into the thrilling perks  of this exciting game. 

The season’s here, and baseball buffs are in hog heaven. Howard Celnik, whose youngsters Andrea and A.J. are students at Beverly Hills High,  and is the activities director at Fireside Convalescent Hospital, was born for the game.  

As was his friend and ours, Carl Pacholski Hall, who Howard says was a baseball encyclopedist.  Growing up as Carl did with nine brothers and three sisters, baseball  was the talk of the season, day in and night out.

Even his sister Helen, a lookalike for Greta Garbo who joined the nunnery, kept up with her brothers who went to their graves comparing scores.

“Carl knew the facts behind the facts, and the trivia behind the trivia,” claims Howard, awed by Carl’s quick wit … he’d see a skyscraper rising on the skyline, and he’d shrug, ‘More cars, more toilets!”  Or when he’d pass a lady overloaded with jewelry he described her as ‘a human chandelier.’”

Carl was 90 years old when we lost him during this first week of April two years ago, dying from a tragic medical misdiagnosis.  They lived long the Pacholskis, with sister Sophie a happy camper at age 100.  Medics believe he would have lived longer had he not been misdiagnosed.  In the Mayo Clinic’s latest research, the study found that 88% of patients seeking a second opinion receive a “refined or new diagnosis.”

When Kathleen Turner was starring in Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf at the Ahmanson Theater, Shera and Peter Falk hosted a small dinner at the charming and popular Divino, created by chef Goran Milic.  One of Brentwood’s coziest dining rooms where the Getty Museum folks frequently dine.  Don’t miss Goran’s silky smooth tomato soup.

Carl, their longtime friend, was seated next to Peter.  He regaled Peter with his hilarious humor and had Peter laughing nonstop, and wanting to back him in a comedy act.  Flattered beyond words, Carl was in disbelief, often wondering later if he imagined this, and took the unforgettable compliment with him and his ashes at sea beyond the San Pedro Harbor.

Speaking out this week, the losing presidential candidate blamed the Putin hacking for her loss,  FBI chief  James Comey and her scandalous emails, the  mysoginist voters, etc.

Has she ever considered that the voters long ago arrived at the disturbing awareness that she’ll never be trusted  by Middle America after the barrages of her embarrassing lies over many years.