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George Christy Talks About Nancy Davis, Race To Erase MS, MTV Movie Awards and more

Mariella Davis, Nancy Davis, Isabella Davis, Ken Rickel attend the 24th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala benefiting the Center Without Walls program at The Beverly Hilton
Barbara Davis
Honoree Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Kathy Griffin
Paris Hilton

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Every month of May finds the blossoming jacaranda trees purpling the landscape of Los Angeles.  

And every month of May, Nancy Davis  hosts her Race to Erase MS galas, which, over these past 24 years, has raised $50 million from the events she masterfully organizes.  They are meticulously planned, and, frankly, with her gung-ho smarts, we would not be surprised if she commandeered  a studio.

The Race to Erase MS came about when Nancy herself was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In no way deterred, she stood tall and vowed defensively  to seek a cure.  Which, as she proudly believes, is forthcoming, considering the “happening”  research over the years.

Nancy’s a devoted wife to investment banker Ken Rickel, a devoted mother to sons Brandon and Jason, who has turned a page (Jason’s slimmed down to an athletic physique), and mom to gorgeous twin daughters Isabaella and Mariella, who’ll be bat mitzvahed come autumn.  

Nancy’s a loving daughter to her philanthropic mom Barbara Davis, who has raised megamillions with her legendary decades-long  Carousel Ball.  We attended her very first  dinner, flying to Denver with Lucille Ball and Gary Morton.  

Dad is the late oil and real estate mogul Marvin Davis.  The Davises youngest daughter Dana had been diagnosed as a diabetic.  

A pacesetting dynamo, Barbara’s given her energies and high intelligence to fund medical research.  A hospital bearing her name in Denver welcomes young patients from around the world. 

Last week’s Race to Erase MS  at The Beverly Hilton honored Jamie-Lynn  Sigler, and featured  a rousing concert from the rock group Chicago  that drew standing ovations from the jump-for-joy crowd.  The gala added $l.6 million for contributed research by the forever-grateful MS medical community that bows to Nancy as their guardian angel. 

On the Saturday after the Friday night event, Nancy schedules seminars with the leading experts who welcome the public, gratis, to participate.

Now, about coincidences. 

The morning when  the new issue of People Magazine arrived, we were  smitten with its cover of U.K. Princess Charlotte on her second birthday. Charlotte being the  daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — Prince Will and Princess Kate, who Will acknowledges as Catherine.

That AM we received an e-mail from longtime friend Wendy Goldberg, after asking for pictures of her grandchildren.  

This candid snapshot of Wendy’s five beautiful grandchildren won our heart.  

We decreed they were our Beverly Hills royals.  

Prince Vincent Mirisch, 9, is the son of our Beverly Hills  councilman John Mirisch.  

Princesses Cecilia Jean, 5, and Josephine, 2,  whose mom is Amanda Goldberg and Dad is WME agent Phil Raskin.  Amanda’s dad  is the renowned producer Leonard Goldberg (Blue Bloods), who’s wed to Wendy. 

Princesses Sophie, 7, anda Grace, 10. are the issue of producer Richard Mirisch.  John and Richard are Wendy’s sons.

Folks, we are looking at good parenting and the future, with a blessed promise of hope from our young royals creating their winning tomorrows.


Washington reports that the unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 percent in April, and that the illegal border crossings are now down to 76 percent.  Meanwhile, snake bites increased 40 percent.