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George Christy Talks About Steve Wallace, Chuck Pick, See’s Candies, Pristine Alaska and more

Chuck Pick, the L.A. Valet Parking King, caught a halibut on his second day at sea in Alaska, helped by Silverado crewman Slammin’ Sam. On his first day Chuck reeled in a King salmon.
Host Steve Wallace with Silverado fishing boat captain Steve Rieheman

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Let’s Talk About …

Alaska and its far north with its invigorating fresh air.  “You are  reborn,” says Steve Wallace.

The Grand Seigneur of  wine wisdom in Los Angeles, Steve’s retired from his landmark Wally’s Wines and Spirits, where he taught Californians about the Dionysian pleasures of the grape, a discovery dating back to the  ancient Hellenic generations.

An admitted adventurer, Steve now travels year ’round  on many continents with friends and family to fish, gamble, wine and dine.

Flying to Alaska, Steve books his favorite Alaska Airlines, boarding from LAX to Seattle to Ketchikan, Alaska.  Switching then to a puddlejumper, and arriving at the lovely harbor at Craig.  Where he and family and buddies gather at the 134-foot fishing boat, Silverado, for their week’s getaway as Steve’s guests, far away from the din and fray of city life.

Relaxing, as they leisurely fish and cruise through the pristine Port Real waters for King salmon, Coho salmon, and halibut.  And dropping buckets to lure spot prawns and Dungeness crabs for what Steve calls “our crab orgies”  later in the day for “din din,” as Bette Davis referred to dinner in Robert Aldrich’s classic Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Chuck Pick, who we crowned L.A.’s  Valet Parking King in the long ago, joined Steve this time around, as did Steve’s grandsons Miles and Max Oscrow.  Along with friends from hither and yon.  The boat is a private vessel, Steve advises, not for hire.

“Our captain, Steve Rieheman, has a two-man crew, our Silverado chef Sarah Gilbert is assisted by two ladies … we sleep nine, plus the staff, … a dream vacation,” informs Steve during a phone call.

“Good food … tonight it’s kale salad with blue cheese, the catch of the day, another day maybe  lamb chops or roast chicken.  Delicious desserts … crème brule, chocolate peanut butter pie.”

Steve, of course, sees that excellent varietals of wines are served.

The Silverado was built in 1974 by Henry See, the heir of See’s Candies. Owned now by investors (is Steve among them?) which include Barron Hilton.   

Nancy and Ronald Reagan have been caught hiding with their fishing rods for a private holiday with their “kitchen cabinet” politico paisanos.

“Henry See named it after the Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley, where he owned a winery,” adds Steve. 

“When the hour approaches that we begin packing to say our sayonaras, everyone yearns for a few more ‘fall apart’ days at sea.  We’ve been hypnotized by the Alaskan tranquility.”

Let’s Talk About …

What do you think of the Serena Williams cover on the August issue of Vanity Fair. 

Pregnant as if she’s about to deliver and stark naked, emulating the nude Demi Moore on the VF’s August 1991 cover of Demi’s ready-to-pop bump. 

VF’s-then editor Tina Brown merits credit for convincing Demi to pose in the buff for a landmark Annie Liebowitz portrait.

What did you think then, and what do you think now?  Of our proud, bare-all mamas.