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September is Healthy Aging Month – How About Healthy Rejuvenation?

Before... No makeup. Wed. Sept.3
Immediately following the CO2 laser, Fri. Sept. 5
Day 2, Sat., Sept. 6
Day 3, Sun., Sept. 7
Tues., Sept. 9 Day 5
Thurs., Sept. 17

Healthy aging is a state of awareness that includes a realistic assessment of how old we are, how our bodies change and how to manage the affects of time and life to minimize the damage and enhance our vitality.

As the most “vintage” reporter at The Courier, I thought I had managed these things well until I visited the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Medical Associates. Under the direction of Nasimeh Yazdani, MD, the kind staff introduced me to a myriad of ways to manage the aging process better.

They started with my face, recommending that I try the EXELO2 Fractional CO2 Laser.

The Fractional Ablative Skin Resurfacing process uses micro-spot laser to dramatically improve skin texture and maximize neo-collagen formation to produce a healthier, smoother surface.

I will admit that I was a little nervous about the procedure, but the staff explained exactly what I was going to experience. They were completely candid with me and that set my mind at ease. I felt prepared and I knew what to expect.

Upon arrival, my skin was rinsed clean. A thick coat of “numbing cream” was applied over the surface of my skin. Within twenty minutes I felt numb, just as one feels at the dentist. I was fitted with goggles, and while I relaxed, my nurse practitioner, with several years of experience, began the procedure.

Sydney talked me through each step of the process, explaining that in some areas the pulse was less intense, such as under the eyes. The instrument did not make contact with my skin, but I held a wand that blew cool air over the areas as she worked, moving it over the surface as needed.

The laser felt, for the most part, as sunburn feels at the end of a long day at the beach. It was no more uncomfortable than that.
Within 40 minutes the procedure was complete. I received instructions, both written and verbal, and my nurse practitioner’s personal cell phone number if I had any concerns or questions.

The “down time” wasn’t nearly as “down” as I expected. My skin, being olive-colored, is perhaps less sensitive than a blue-eyed blond. That day, I was told to use ice packs, take Tylenol or Ibuprofen, and to apply and reapply a thick, healing moisturizer as needed. I was also told to use apply a washcloth of vinegar and water as needed. I did not have a bad experience. I felt fine.
My face began to appear reddened at the end of the evening, culminating on the next day with a shiny red pate. In addition to the moisturizer I had been matched with a healing make-up base to cover the redness. It has been very effective. My colleagues at The Courier asked me on Monday if I had even done anything.
Only upon close inspection was it evident that something had been done. Then it was possible to see the places where the laser had passed over my skin.
By the third day, my naked skin had turned from red to brown, with a rough texture as the old skin sloughed off. On the fifth day, the sloughing was replaced with patches of peeling skin. Beneath it, the surface of my new skin began to emerge.

The healing process will continue for several weeks, but already it is clear that a newer, smoother surface is coming forward.

For me, the experience was not painful or limiting. My biggest challenge is in wearing a floppy hat to keep the sun off as my new skin emerges.

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation offers a full menu of services to return the body to the healthiest state possible. Some, like neurotoxins and fillers, will spot-treat for quick results. Others, like the CO2 Laser, reach deeper and produce longer-lasting results.

Their services also include hormone balancing to restore optimal hormone levels to the body and a litany of services that rejuvenate and restore all over the body.

Next week, I will explore “fillers.” Clinic Manager Kristina Henrich has recommended treatment on my face – and on my hands! I never considered that as a place for treatment.