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Julian Gold Expected To Be Sworn In As Mayor Tuesday

Vice Mayor Julian Gold will again be sworn in as Beverly Hills mayor Tuesday evening, when the City celebrates the reorganization of the City Council at a ceremony at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) at 7 p.m. 6:51 pm Read More

Ostroff Leads ‘Sea Shift’ For City Council On Loma Linda

Resident Anne Ostroff is a rocket scientist. Really. She is tall and elegant with an independent resonance to her slightly accented voice. And Tuesday evening, she gave the City Council an evening they will remember when Mayor Lili Bosse added her arguments as an item on the City Council agenda. 6:40 pm Read More

GeoKinetics Report Shows Errors, Mistakes In Handling Of Loma Linda Project

On Wednesday evening, Beverly Hills residents received the anxiously-anticipated GeoKinetics assessment of grading quantities proposed for the developments at 1184 and 1193 Loma Linda Drive. Once again, the developer’s engineer, LC Engineering Group, appears to have overestimated fill and underestimated cut, which is good news for the residents - because the project at 1193 Loma Linda Drive can’t go forward without a discretionary hearing on its nine retaining walls. 6:50 pm Read More

Beverly Hills City Council Finally Passes Basement Ordinance

v-loma-linda-close-up Beverly Hills residents expressed subdued jubilation in recognition of the late hour at the passage of the Basement Ordinance Tuesday evening, high-fiving and conveying gratitude to councilmembers and each other after months of tense negotiations that nearly saw the ordinance defeated. 6:33 pm Read More

Residents To Have Last Word, Says Sunshine Task Force

Residents will finally have the last word on development projects if a recommendation from the Sunshine Task Force is approved by the City Council.  The proposal is a major victory for residents who currently must remain silent after a rebuttal or staff report that might be misleading on City Council decisions. 6:48 pm Read More

Beverly Hills Basement Ordinance Faces Final Hurdle Tuesday At City Council

Residents and building applicants are anxiously preparing for the next City Council meeting Tuesday, when the Basement Ordinance is on the line.  After months of preparation and public hearings, both in the Planning Commission and at City Council, the entire ordinance is again coming forward, with the looming possibility of a 2-2 split. That would mean that the ordinance would not pass. 6:54 pm Read More

Amended Beverly Hills Legislative Advocacy Ordinance Enhances Transparency At City Hall

A newly amended ordinance that seeks to identify legislative advocates with a new level of transparency will go into effect on Feb. 8, said City Attorney Larry Wiener, but until then, the old rules are still in place.  In the process of researching this ordinance, the Courier earlier this week received an unsolicited phone call from Alan Hearty, one of the five newly-registered lobbyists for the Loma Linda Trust/Loma Linda Holdings Ltd. from the law firm Allen Matkins. 6:53 pm Read More

Mayor Lays Down Gauntlet In Loma Linda Development War

After a long afternoon of comments and clarifications from lawyers, staff and the public, Mayor Lili Bosse threw down a gauntlet in response to a threat of litigation from Alan Hearty of the law firm Allen Matkins, representing developer Francesco Aquilini on the 1184 and 1193 Loma Linda Drive projects Monday, at the City Council Study Session. 6:44 pm Read More

City Council To Vote Tuesday On $10.5 Million JPA

Following months of contentious negotiations, the City of Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills Unified School District are on the precipice of having a new $10.5 million Joint Powers Agreement (JPA). On Tuesday, Dec. 19, the City Council is expected to vote on the new JPA, the final hurdle to ensure the continuance of this vital contract. 6:59 pm Read More

City Council Fails To Pass Basement Ordinance

In a hearing that lasted until the wee hours of the morning under the leadership of Vice Mayor Julian Gold, the Beverly Hills City Council failed to pass landmark legislation that would have stopped the progression of overdevelopment in the hillsides marked by multiple unsightly retaining walls, massive “basements” that provide multi-story living spaces, and nearly limitless by-right grading that destroys natural landforms that once made the hillsides so attractive. 7:12 pm Read More

Beverly Hills City Council To Weigh In On Venoco Oil Well Debacle

On Tuesday, the Beverly Hills City Council is expected to discuss issues related to last week’s news that Venoco, LLC was no longer responsible for monitoring and remediating the Beverly Hills High School oil well after a federal bankruptcy judge ruled that the energy company would be off the hook at the end of this month. 6:38 pm Read More