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Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills City Council Seeks Balance on Rentals

 In a 5-0 vote, the Beverly Hills City Council voted for an urgency ordinance that will protect renters from allowed annual 10 percent rent increases, add meaningful relocation fees to assist in no-cause evictions and create a database and a registry of the apartment inventory in the City of Beverly Hills to enable the City to monitor building conditions, rent increases, evictions and general rent conditions. 1:21 pm Read More

Beverly Hills News -Kathy Reims Chosen As New Beverly Hills Councilmember Despite Gold’s Objections

Kathy Reims After a full day interviewing the 23 applicants to fill the vacancy left by the departure of Councilmember Willie Brien, the four remaining council members have selected former Planning Commissioner, Traffic and Parking Commissioner and member of the Budget Review Committee Kathy Reims as the fifth councilmember. Reims has also served on the Santa Monica Boulevard Reconstruction Committee, Beverly Hills Meals on Wheels and the El Rodeo PTA. 6:26 pm Read More