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Beverly Hills Elder – Rhea Worms: From Pittsburgh To Beverly Hills

Rhea Worms Growing up in a small upscale neighborhood just outside of Pittsburgh, Penn., Rhea Worms never imagined just how big and glamorous the rest of the world could be. But then everything changed when her family moved out to California in the early 1940’s when she was 16, taking up residence for two months at the Ambassador Hotel before settling into an L.A. home off of Sunset. 6:19 pm Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Elders: Madeline, Morris Richman – 57 Years Of Love In Beverly Hills

Morris & Madeline Richman Morris Richman was taking no chances when it came to love. Flashback to 1940 when he finally made his move to woo Madeline, his now-wife of 73 years.  “He tricked me,” she recalled of that fateful night when she was just 18. “He was good at card tricks. So he was dealing out cards and says, ‘I bet you the next card I turn over, it’ll be yours.’ I said, ‘What’s the bet?’ He said, I’ll bet you a kiss.’ 7:05 pm Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Elder: Gloria Franks – Goldwyn Girl In Trousdale

Gloria Franks The walls inside Gloria Franks’ Trousdale Estates home are a veritable labyrinth of history and a testament to a life well lived. Family photos abound interspersed with newspaper clippings featuring her as part of Share, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps kids with special needs she co-founded 60 years ago; a duo of posters herald performances of her musician son, Steve Khan; and there are two framed photographs of her beside John F. Kennedy and Frank Sinatra. 6:42 pm Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Elder: Renny Darling Klein, Cooking For The Soul

Longtime Beverly Hills resident Renny Darling Klein knows better than most just how powerful the effects of a truly good meal can be for people. Indeed, her first cookbook, The Joy Of Eating, has sold in excess of 1.2 million copies and elicited thousands of letters from grateful fans who have told her just how transformative the recipes have been for their lives. 6:45 pm Read More