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Tempers Flare At Community Town Hall Meeting

A Town Hall meeting that was a joint venture of the Beverly Hills North Homeowners Association and the Municipal League of Beverly Hills Tuesday evening at City Hall was a confusing jumble of topics, dominated by former Mayor Robert Tanenbaum, President of the Beverly Hills North Homeowners Association. Thomas White, Chairman of the  Municipal League of Beverly Hills, briefly discussed and took questions on topics related to legislative advocacy. 6:45 pm Read More

Spagnoli Updates Community On School Safety Plans

M-bhpd Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli has been making the rounds to address the issue of school safety since the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, speaking last week at City Hall to concerned parents and to the City Council at the request of Mayor Lili Bosse, and again to the PTA at Beverly Hills High School Thursday. 6:35 pm Read More

Spagnoli Insists BHUSD Schools Safe In Wake Of Florida School Shooting

In the wake of another school shooting this week, which left 17 dead at a Florida high school, the importance of school safety is being felt acutely across the nation.  In Beverly Hills, a previously scheduled Town Hall led by Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli (slated to begin Thursday evening, just after the Courier’s deadline), was set to discuss crime trends, crime prevention and community/neighborhood safety. 6:53 pm Read More

BHPD Chief Spagnoli Says BHUSD Schools Safe In Wake Of L.A. School Shooting

M-BHPD2 Yesterday morning’s school shooting just nine miles east of Beverly Hills at Salvador Castro Middle School in the Westlake district was a stark reminder of how vulnerable students are to gun violence in this ever-changing world. Still, Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli said she remained confident that local students were safe, particularly given the BHPD’s sub 2.6-minute response time to incoming calls. 6:50 pm Read More

Beverly Hills Police Roundup

Beverly Hills Police this week charged a 27-year-old man with misdemeanor prowling after his arrest earlier this month, where he was found driving a stolen vehicle. 6:43 pm Read More