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City, School District Remain At Impasse Over JPA With One Week Left

Following the second of two contentious City-school liaison meetings this week, the future of the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) remained uncertain after representatives from the City Council and the Board of Education failed to reach any meaningful consensus. The current annual $9.7 million JPA is set to expire at the end of this month. 6:37 pm Read More

BHUSD Could Scrap K-8 Model By 2018

Earlier this week, the Board of Education sent out a letter digitally signed by all five members, alerting the community to its plans to take a four-pronged approach to solve its current budget crises. 6:35 pm Read More

Venoco’s Second Bankruptcy Filing Could Leave Beverly Hills High School Oil Well Dry Financially

Fresh on the heels of last week’s Board of Education directive to create a “7-11 Committee” as a first step toward having multiple district parcels declared surplus property, including the site of the Beverly Hills Oil Well, Superintendent Michael Bregy issued a press release stating that the district had been made aware on April 17 that Venoco, Inc., which leases the oil well from the district, had filed for a second bankruptcy. 6:12 pm Read More

Beverly Hills News – New BHUSD Superintendent Michael Bregy Shares His Goals For The District

Dr. Michael Bregy After just a few days on the job, Beverly Hills Unified School District’s new superintendent, Dr. Michael Bregy, is proving himself to be a man who’s not afraid to shake things up a bit. One need only look at his reorganization of the dais at public Board of Education meetings, where he arranged to have the board president seated beside him and added a key leadership staff member, to see he wants to rock the status quo–at least by the look of it. 7:01 pm Read More