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Gov. Brown Declares Wildfire Emergency in California

FEMA   33364   A helicopter drops water on the wildfire in California Gov. Jerry Brown of California declared a wildfire emergency in California in the wake of more than a dozen wildfires that now blaze across the state. As California’s drought continues to parch the Los Angeles area, together with the hot summer weather, there is an increased risk for wildfires. To keep families as safe as possible during these hot months, here are a few tips about fire safety: -Have an emergency meeting place both outside your home and outside the immediate area is important. These points will allow all family members to meet in the case of an emergency; 3:14 pm Read More

California Gov. Jerry Brown in Los Angeles to Promote Immigration Overhaul

Although hope is fading that Congress will overhaul the nation’s immigration system, Gov. Jerry Brown told supporters in Los Angeles today that California’s progressive laws on the topic can spread east and influence the rest of the nation. Brown — joined by members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus and immigrant-rights activists at the Pico […] 5:09 pm Read More

Six Killed in Isla Vista Shooting Spree

A gunman in a black BMW opened fire in a bustling California seaside college town, killing six and injuring seven in what police suggested Saturday was a "premeditated mass murder. 1:21 pm Read More

Report Supports Tax Credits to Curb Runaway Film Production

California’s film incentives program generated $4.3 billion of economic output and 22,300 jobs during its first three years, an analyst told a Los Angeles City Council committee today. The 109 films that received state tax credits also produced $235 million in local and state tax revenue in the same period, according to Christine Cooper, vice president of the Los […] 10:41 pm Read More

Shirley Temple, Child Star, Tireless Advocate and Diplomat, Dies at 85

Shirleytemple Young Shirley Temple Black, who cheered on Depression era America and danced her way into America’s hearts,  has died at her home in Woodside, California today. She was 85. As a child, the dimpled star danced through 23 films from 1935-1939, with an iconic optimism that uplifted a nation in the throws of Depression. Shirley Temple, […] 12:22 pm Read More