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George Christy Talks About Brian Rosenstein, The Grammys, Kirk Douglas, Tom Blumenthal And More!

Dave Grohl With Wife Jordan Blum “Shall we be honest?   We need young people to bring the vision of the city to the next level.   This is why I support Brian Rosenstein and his candidacy for the Beverly Hills City Council.   Brian’s in his mid-thirties, and I was happy to host a reception for him at my home.   I’m continually impressed with Brian, with what he does, and my guests were grateful to meet and know him.   Brian thinks outside the box.  His views are not black and white.   How refreshing that is,” says Tom Blumenthal, the much-liked president/CEO of Geary’s in Beverly Hills, the friendly and elegant emporium with its collection of unrivaled luxury brands.Download PDF 5:54 pm Read More


Tom Blumenthal, Don Walsh And Cliff Cook On Friday night, Gearys Beverly Hills hosted a cocktail reception at Rolex Century City to exhibit the Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch 11:58 pm Read More

Roxbury Dog Park Plans Move Ahead After Town Hall Meeting

The City Council will discuss plans to build Beverly Hills’ first dog park at Roxbury Park in an upcoming study session as early as next week, Community Services Director Steve Zoet confirmed to The Courier following Monday night’s canine-themed town hall held at Roxbury Park’s soon-to-be renovated Community Center 6:59 pm Read More

Tea For Two

John Mirisch With Son Vin 2013 Beverly Hills City Council candidate Vice Mayor John Mirisch and son Vin enjoyed a tea and coffee chat with residents last week at the Shanghai Grill 6:33 pm Read More