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Halstrom Academy inaugurated the newest of its 15 campuses (now in Beverly Hills!) with an open house and ribbon cutting by Beverly Hills Vice Mayor John A. MirischHalstrom Academy –

Halstrom Academy inaugurated the newest of its 15 campuses (now in Beverly Hills!) with an open house and ribbon cutting by Beverly Hills Vice Mayor John A. Mirisch. Pictured (from left): Halstrom Director of Community Outreach Tori Montgomery, Mirisch, Halstrom Academy Beverly Hills Director Chanel Crawford, Halstrom Academy LA Regional Director Lisa Bournoutian, and Halstrom student Annelise Gudenkauf. 5:25 pm Read More

Green Payment Solutions held its Grand Welcoming event last Thursday, at the Sofitel Beverly Hills.Go Green –

L-GreenPayment Green Payment Solutions held its Grand Welcoming event last Thursday,  at the Sofitel Beverly Hills. The event included a performance by local singer and former Courier employee Jon Paul Puno, who was joined by “surprise crooner” Vice Mayor John Mirisch. Pictured (from left): Eddie Rabin, Ron Stone, Ronit Stone, Tristan DeMers (VP Finance of Green Payment Solutions), Todd Okum, Laurie Okum, April Jergens, and John Mirisch. 6:10 pm Read More

Guest Editorial By Beverly Hills Councilmember John Mirisch – Fixing Metro, One Board Member At A Time

Last week’s election of our Metro Board representative would almost have to seem like inside baseball to most people not familiar with the process and/or the specifics of our Metro representation. I’m going to try to shed some light on the process and why the outcome of last week’s election in Carson – in which Inglewood Mayor James Butts was selected for a four year term to replace Santa Monica city councilmember Pam O’Connor -- was a big win for both Beverly Hills and the entire region.
11:53 am Read More

No City Council Review For Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria

L-Waldorf The Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria successfully surmounted an unexpected hurdle on Tuesday, when the City Council voted 4-1 not to bring the project up for review. Councilman John Mirisch, the lone dissent, had asked his colleagues to review the process which led to Community Development Director Susan Healy Keene approving changes for the project. 6:23 pm Read More

City Council 60-Second Shout Out To Audi Beverly Hills

City Council Shout Out to Audi On hand (from left): Vice Mayor Julian Gold; Mayor Lili Bosse; Audi General Manager Michael Bradford; The Foundation B.H. President Ronit Stone, Councilmembers Willie Brien, Nancy Krasne, and John Mirisch; and The Foundation Board Member Jean Huang. Audi of Beverly Hills has been a strong supporter of Beverly Hills schools, having donated more than $100,000. 6:03 pm Read More

Centennial Stamp Winners Honored

Stamp Winners Winners Amy Okada and John Paul Puno, Vice Mayor Julian Gold, Councilmember Nancy Krasne, Mayor Lili Bosse, Councilmember Willie Brien, Stamp Committee Co-Chair Annette Saleh, Councilmember John Mirisch, Co-Chair Sue Brucker, Committee member Shirley Arconti and Li Xin and Marc Saleh 6:14 pm Read More

Why I’m Voting “No” To 10-Percent Salary Increases

Call me Nostradamus.  On June 17, the City Council will vote 4-1 in favor of giving a large number of City employees a 10-percent salary increase this year.  The increases will apply to a number of groups whose contracts have expired, including the Miscellaneous Employees Association (MEA), our City's largest bargaining units. 5:43 pm Read More

Challenges Face Reorganized City Council

From the Publisher Clif Smith Tuesday night we welcomed our newest mayor, Lili Bosse, during an outstanding exercise in local government.  Her speech laid out an ambitious program.  Some of her goals are easy to accomplish and just plain nice, as is she.  Others will be more difficult. 6:16 pm Read More

Beverly Hills News – Mirisch Senate Papers, Candidacy In Doubt

JohnMirisch By Laura Coleman Despite meeting the filing deadline, Mayor John Mirisch’s bid for the California State Senate’s 26th District, may not be in time. The deadline for filing nominating papers was Wednesday, March 10. For full story see the print edition of The Beverly Hills Courier, or download the e-edition. 6:24 pm Read More

Metro Sessions – Talk, And Zero Answers

From the Publisher Clif Smith When the Beverly Hills City Council rejected the applications of the Metropolitan Transit Authority for permits to dig up Beverly Hills and block Wilshire Boulevard, the council–led by Vice Mayor Lili Bosse with strong questioning by Mayor John Mirisch and Councilmember Nancy Krasne–asked some pretty straight-forward questions.  All the questions can be summarized as “What’s going to happen to our people, their homes, their businesses and our streets?” 5:49 pm Read More