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Birthday Bash

Courier President & Publisher Marcia Wilson Hobbs, Mayor Julian Gold and Councilmembers Lili Bosse and Nancy Krasne after the City Council presented The Courier with a proclamation The Beverly Hills Courier turned 50 this week and we celebrated Tuesday with friends from the community at a birthday party at Beverly Gardens Park. Pictured above (from left): Courier President & Publisher Marcia Wilson Hobbs, Mayor Julian Gold and Councilmembers Lili Bosse and Nancy Krasne after the City Council presented The Courier with a proclamation. 6:14 pm Read More

Vote June 3 – The Courier’s Election Endorsements

From The Publisher MARCIA WILSON HOBBS U.S. Representative (33rd Congressional District) - Ted Lieu Henry Waxman’s retirement after giving 40 years of faithful service representing our district surfaced 18 candidates to follow in his footsteps. 6:09 pm Read More

Courier Endorsements For 3rd District L.A. County Supervisor And Prop. 42

From The Publisher MARCIA WILSON HOBBS Third District Supervisor – Sheila Kuehl The Courier has the highest regard for the service of Zev Yaroslavsky as 3rd District supervisor all these years.  That said, we continue to have a vital disagreement with him over his actions to put two subway tunnels barely 30 feet underneath Beverly Hills High School and right through the oil field.  After more than 250 articles The Courier has researched and written, The Courier believes without a doubt that these tunnels jeopardize the safety of our children and staff at Beverly Hills High School.  We also disagree with how he has helped JMB Realty use a virtually-unknown loophole in Los Angeles to get the OK to build a massive new project in Century City that violates the Century City Specific Plan.  Now that he is leaving office, who should succeed him? 5:35 pm Read More

Mother’s Day Reflections

From The Publisher Marcia Wilson Hobbs Every Mother's Day, I reflect on my mother and her mother and the virtues and values they both lived and tried very hard to instill in me as I was growing up. My grandmother, who was born in Los Angeles into an immigrant family that subsequently prospered, was quite insistent that “much is expected of those to whom much is given” and she inducted me into charitable projects from the age of 4 onward. 6:23 pm Read More

A Note From The Courier’s New Owner

I love where I live. The City of Beverly Hills holds a very special place in my heart.  Simply put, I love it here. I feel very blessed to live here, and that is the primary reason I wanted to become the new owner of The Beverly Hills Courier. After all, it is the City’s one and only newspaper so it's an integral part of it, and I want that to go on and on. Paula Kent Meehan This has been a significant week for The Beverly Hills Courier team as we change ownership after a decade of strong leadership under Publisher Clif Smith. From The Publisher Marcia Wilson Hobbs 7:30 am Read More

Challenges Face Reorganized City Council

From the Publisher Clif Smith Tuesday night we welcomed our newest mayor, Lili Bosse, during an outstanding exercise in local government.  Her speech laid out an ambitious program.  Some of her goals are easy to accomplish and just plain nice, as is she.  Others will be more difficult. 6:16 pm Read More

Mr. President, You Cannot Hide From Bullies

From the Publisher Clif Smith As predicted by so many conservatives, especially former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the logical consequences of the bowing, scraping and purposeful weakness of Barack Obama as president of the United States is now clear for all the world to see. (Yes, we know you lefties and establishment Republicans HATE this woman...demeaned her, satirized her, and called her stupid – but she called it 100 percent right in 2008 about Putin and the Ukraine.  Maybe she really could not “see” Russia from her front porch in Wasilla, Alaska, but she knew what she was looking at – a lot better than all of you.) 5:31 pm Read More

Metro Sessions – Talk, And Zero Answers

From the Publisher Clif Smith When the Beverly Hills City Council rejected the applications of the Metropolitan Transit Authority for permits to dig up Beverly Hills and block Wilshire Boulevard, the council–led by Vice Mayor Lili Bosse with strong questioning by Mayor John Mirisch and Councilmember Nancy Krasne–asked some pretty straight-forward questions.  All the questions can be summarized as “What’s going to happen to our people, their homes, their businesses and our streets?” 5:49 pm Read More

The Pied Piper Insists It’s Getting Warmer, But Where?

From the Publisher Clif Smith As children, most of us were told the tale of the Pied Piper. Middle Ages Hamelin in Germany hired the man with “magic flute” to lead all the rats out of town.  When the town didn’t pay, he blew his flute and led all the children out of town never to be seen again. 6:36 pm Read More

Lunar New Year – The Right Way

From the Publisher Clif Smith Promoting local business is the assigned task of the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau.  The CVB and the City of Beverly Hills host a fine Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow from 4:30 to 5:30 pm in the 200 block of Rodeo Drive.  All are invited to attend.  All CVB activities are funded by the City’s “Transient Occupancy Tax,” or “TOT.” 6:42 pm Read More

The Most Wonderful City Shines Again

From the Publisher Clif Smith Many cities are turning 100 years old around the state.  Most are having “centennial” celebrations.  When they have them, they play songs. 6:32 pm Read More

Art for Angels

Art For Angels Denis Bloch Fine Art Gallery on Brighton Way debuted French artist’s Alain Godon’s “City of Angels” exhibition this week. Pictured  (from left): The Courier’s publisher Clif Smith, artist Godon and gallery owner Bloch. 6:23 pm Read More

Our Wonderful Weather

From the Publisher Clif Smith Obviously, while the rest of the United States is freezing with new records set every day for low temperatures, we here in Beverly Hills are basking in mid-summer dry heat. 6:43 pm Read More