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This Week’s Featured Furry Friends are Ready for Adoption

Brutus ID#168598
Dog ID#1690533
Dog ID#1690542
Julia Roberts
SPUTNIK - ID#A1687128

Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 – 1:15 PM

Our featured pets this week are available through Wags and Walks and at the West LA Animal Shelter

Wags and Walks is a local West Los Angeles animal rescue. To adopt, volunteer, foster or donate, please visit

These are our Wags and Walks pups:

1. Josie – 2yr old female Husky mix, weighs 52 lbs, loves hikes, long walks & playing fetch.
2. Greta – 6yr old female German Shepard, weighs 82lbs, sweet & submissive.
3. Julia Roberts – 3yr old female Boxer / Pit Bull mix, weighs 58 lbs, loyal & affectionate
4. Danny – 1yr old male Pit Bull mix, weighs 70 lbs, loves walks, hikes, and is very treat motivated.
Our kitty today is Sputnik, ID #A1687128, a real beauty! Sputnik is a spayed female, black Domestic Shorthair, about 4 years old. She is only 8 pounds and has been waiting at the shelter since Mar. 22. 
Our West LA Animal Shelter pups were treated to a grooming by the PetCare Foundation. They are now sparkling clean and fresh! Here are the groomers’ notes:
A168 59 18 MALE, 7 YERAS, AMERICAN BULL DOG, STRAY, AVAILABLE NOW  BRUTUS came in with 3 other dogs, a brother and a sister. He is such a sweet dog – all he wants to do is rub against you, lay his head in your lap, gets gentle petting and take really relaxed walks. you don’t even need a leash that’s how mellow he is. anyone would be so lucky to have BRUTUS as a family member.

A169 05 33 MALE, 8 YEARS, STRAY AVAILABLE 4/12 This poor guy was excessively licking his lips and it turns out that he has incredibly painful teeth problems, and because of that he is very sensitive and doesn’t let people touch anything on his face or head. I wanted to do more, but the pain is making his tolerance for grooming a lot lower. even the blow dryer on the top of his nose was painful for him.
A169 05 42 MALE, 1 YEARS, TERRIER, STRAY AVAILABLE 4/12 This was the kennel mate for the little dog with teeth issues. he is so sweet and wants to be held in your lap. he was really worried about his friend when he didn’t come back to the kennel (moved to medical) and he was even really sad because he was alone after that.

The West LA Animal Shelter is located at 11361 West Pico Blvd. LA CA 90064. Call them at 888-452-7381 and ask for these pups by ID number. Visit their website at to see all the fine animals awaiting a permanent home. You can adopt or foster, and volunteers and donations are always welcomed!