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Lawsuit Resolved In Favor Of Beverly Hilton Project Supporters

In response to a lawsuit filed against them, opponents of the Beverly Hilton Revitalization Plan have agreed to stipulate to changes to their ballot statement rebuttal argument and remove misleading and inaccurate statements regarding the height of the buildings included in the project.

After the lawsuit’s filing in Los Angeles Superior Court, Larry Larson, leader of the opposition to the development of the Waldorf-Astoria project in Beverly Hills, and also one of the signers of the rebuttal argument, agreed to a stipulation with the court to clarify that there is only one condominium building on the site that reaches 18 stories at its maximum height.

“We are very happy that the details of the project are being clarified for the public,” said Corinne Verdery, senior vice president of Oasis West Realty. “We are confident that The Revitalization Plan will be approved by the citizens of Beverly Hills this November.”

Specifically, the stipulation was agreed to in response to the opponents’ misleading assertions in their rebuttal argument that were intended to misinform Beverly Hills voters into believing that the nine-acre site at the western Gateway to Beverly Hills would have as many as 3 condominium towers built on it. The plan approved by the City Council calls for the development of a 12 story Waldorf Astoria Hotel, a 16-18 story mid-rise luxury condominium residential building along Santa Monica Blvd. and a 6-8 story luxury condominium building on the current site of the Palm Court wing of The Beverly Hilton hotel.

The stipulation also provided an opportunity for the proponents of the project to clarify in their ballot rebuttal statement that the 6-8 story residences, which are 2 feet taller than the existing Hilton hotel, at their highest point, are “comparable” in height to the existing hotel.

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