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Ex-Mayor Caught Dumping ‘Yes On H’ Yard Sign

BH Ex Mayor

 Former Beverly Hills Mayor Richard A. Stone was photographed this past Saturday removing and dumping in the bushes a sign supporting Measure H, the Beverly Hilton Revitalization Plan. The ballot measure, the result of a successful petition drive to place the matter before the voters, is on the November 4 ballot. Stone is a leader of opposition to the Waldorf Astoria/Beverly Hilton project and has authored many letters condemning former mayors and others for their support of the project.

     The photo sequence shows the sign, Stone taking the sign, and then the sign left on the ground in the shrubbery.  When contacted about the incident, Stone asserted that he was “only removing a sign from public property,” meaning the hedges lining the border between city parkland and the private property next to it.  The property is visible from Wilshire Boulevard.  The sign was posted near the corner of Wilshire and Carmelita on land jointly cared for by the City and the adjoining residents.  The homeowner whose property shares the boundary with city land asserted the hedges are on private property.  When contacted by The Courier, City officials were unsure of the exact location of the property line.  Stone admitted dumping the sign at the scene.

The Courier spoke with three other residents whose “Yes on H” signs have been removed from their property, in some cases repeatedly.  Each went “on the record” with The Courier but asked that their names be withheld because of fear of hostility from Measure H opponents.

One resident on Maple Drive confirmed that he has had five “Yes on H” signs stolen from his property. He replaced the signs on two occasions only to have them taken again.

Another resident on Oakhurst complained of three signs stolen from his yard.  The “Yes on H” supporters contacted by The Courier have no financial ties to the developer or Hilton. As of press time, no missing “No on H” signs had been reported to The Courier.

BHPD officials told the Courier that theft of the political signs is a crime. 

Supporters of Measure H reported the thefts to Oasis Realty officials who then contacted the police department.  Oasis officials informed The Courier they would not press charges against former Mayor Stone.

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