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Make Up for 2008 With A New Look in 2009

With the new year comes the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over. Why not apply the same philosophy to your image? Keeping this in mind, I decided to hit up local glamazons Glitz Beverly Hills, Senna Cosmetics and Bobbe Joy Makeup Studio for ideas and inspirations on updating our oh-so-old 2008 look.
It was raining when I stopped into Glitz Beverly Hills (9867 Santa Monica Blvd.) to meet with founders and best friends Kristin Deasy and Natalie Elkinawy, but the vibe inside was anything but dreary. Charming and inviting, the girls brought me in and instantly set to answering my questions with bubbly enthusiasm – you can’t help but like them both.
Opened in 2005, Glitz has held its own in Beverly Hills with a full line of products, complimented by Jan Marini Skin Research skin care line. They offer both makeup application (with a select celebrity clientele) and airbrush tanning, an essential for 2009 according to Deasy. “Air brush tanning always makes you feel better,” she says. “You just look younger and more vibrant… and thinner!” I can concur. Elkinawy generously offered me an impromptu tan that, I am convinced, helped me snag a date that night. Glitz also does airbrush foundation and individual lash applications, another big trend for 2009. “People love airbrush foundation because it makes you look flawless,” says Elkinawy.  Whether you just need a touch-up or a new look entirely, Glitz takes the pain out of getting beautiful.
Celebrity-heavy Senna Cosmetics (367 N. Camden Dr.) is another sure bet when it comes to updating your look on the fly. Founded in 1976 by Emmy-nominated makeup artist Eugenia Weston, Senna Cosmetics offers a full line of professional products and services including their award-winning brow shaping. “Senna is about creating beautiful makeup that reflects a woman’s natural style and inner beauty. This instills confidence and gives a sense of well-being and harmony,” says Weston. Clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pheiffer and Barbra Streisand are among Senna’s ardent followers. So what does Weston recommend for 2009? “A fresh, glowing face with vividly colored eye shadow, strong liner and lots of lashes,” she says. “Pale, fruit-colored lipstick balances a strong eye.” But what if you can buy only one new product thanks to the economic down turn? Weston says, “an outstanding concealer!” But of course! Beautiful skin never goes out of style. Do you need just a quick update? “[Use a] strong, well defined eyeliner, “ said Weston. “Use a powder shadow on the lower lid and a cream or liquid liner to achieve a very crisp line on the upper lid, extending the line outward and upward makes the look very now.” Shall we try that this evening, ladies?
Sometimes the best update to your appearance, however, is just learning how to apply your makeup correctly for your own individual look. “Women go into stores and buy the same thing over and over,” says Bobbe Joy Dawson, owner of Bobbe Joy Makeup Studio (236 S. Beverly Blvd.) and long trained professional. “If you have a professional makeup lesson, you would learn what is appropriate for you and spend less money in the long run.” Dawson’s services which run $100-$125, include a full application of makeup that takes you from day to night, all done twice while you watch and learn. Dawson also includes a “paint by numbers” face chart for reference and even requests that clients come back once they have applied their makeup on their own to make sure they are following her advice correctly. But by far her most popular service is her brow shaping. Dawson says, “I am the eyebrow resuscitator!”
A new year means a new beginning and maybe a new you, maybe just an updated you. Either way, you’ll be looking fresh and ready to meet 2009 head on!

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