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City council candidate John Mirisch is the victim of anonymous automatic telephone calls intended to discredit his candidacy. The calls, which cannot be traced yet, occur late at night. A drunken recorded voice urges voters to vote for Mirisch. The calls are clearly intended to annoy and anger the listeners. An untraceable website has also been set up in opposition to his candidacy.

Mirisch denounced the dirty tricks and vehemently denied that his campaign was responsible.

The Courier has contacted some members of the Briskman campaign who deny knowledge of who is responsible for the calls. The automatic telephone calls, termed “robo-calls,” began after the Courier went to press late Thursday night. The Courier has endorsed neither candidate but has strongly questioned Briskman’s tactics in office. For the council, the Courier has endorsed Mayor Barry Brucker for reelection and former school board president Willie Brien, M.D.

The owner of the anti-Mirisch website, who has not been identified as of yet,is registered through, a large hosting service, but could not be otherwise traced. The Courier anticipates that a formal complaint will be filed with the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

On Friday, Briskman supporters distributed a one-page hate piece flier against the Courier for opposing Briskman. During the recent Measure H referendum campaign, Mirisch authored a blog that attacked the Courier and others who supported Measure H, including Briskman. The Courier strongly supported Measure H and still does.

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