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It’s A Tan Day In L.A. The Peninsula Offers Chocolate Sunless Tanning

Ever look at those people with dark Hawaiian tans and think, “Wow, I wish I had a tan that looked like that.”

Well my father being an Irish Catholic with red hair, pale skin and freckles, makes a comment every time we pass by someone with a deep tan.

“Look at his tan,” he says in envy.  

And then he reminds me of the time he tried tanning.

I was 2-years-old and my father had come home after a weekend in Palm Springs with the guys. As he opened the door and lifted me off the ground, I looked at his face and started screaming uncontrollably. My father had streaks across his face. Being only a child I thought it was blood, when in fact it was just a bad sunless tan.

We all seem to have those horror stories of trying sunless tanner which include coming out looking like an Ompa-Lumpa, smelling for two days, staining the pillows or sheets with bronzer and like my father, streaking like a zebra.

So what do you do if you want the Hawaiian Tropic glow, but are skeptical of using self-tanners?

Some people will purchase packages at local tanning salons to lie in a bed for 15 minutes. Others, who have the time, will bask in the sunshine.

But doctors are telling us don’t turn to the sun or tanning beds anymore. So what to do?

After five years devoted to tanning, trying the Mystic tan, lotions and other alternatives, I have found the most natural looking sunless tan on the market at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa ($195).

Using Chocolate Sun, an all natural tanning product made with botanicals and herbs, Peninsula Beverly Hills’ sunless tanning treatment will leave you with a Brazilian tan, a heavenly chocolate scent, won’t streak, rub off and most importantly does not damage skin or cause skin cancer.

The sunless tanning treatment is a 75-minute treatment that includes a body scrub and massage application.

My appointment for the tan application was on a sunny Friday afternoon. I had a weekend ahead of meeting my boyfriend’s parents and enjoying cocktails with friends later in the evening.

Tanning at The Peninsula Beverly Hills is unlike walking into a cheesy tanning salon with women in bikins on the wall or seeing tanning products in the shelves. Tanning at the Peninsula is an experience to enjoy a world-renowned boutique spa. The experience began as soon as I walked through the doors of the rooftop spa, adjacent to the pool.

Here I was greeted by the Spa’s staff, before being taken into the Serenity Lounge, where I waited for my esthetician to greet me while sipping on iced teas or flavored waters.

Mimi, one of the spa’s estheticians, welcomed me and took me back to one of the seven treatment rooms. Before she applied the tan, she began with a detoxifying body scrub treatment, using all natural chocolate products. The scrub left my skin smooth and supple for the most even results.

I proceeded to wash off in the nearby shower, where afterwards Mimi applied the chocolate tan by hand.

She explained the tan would take about four hours to appear, not to take a shower that night, and that it would last approximately seven days.

As I left The Peninsula that afternoon, she said adieu by handing me hot tea, treats and a bottle of the tanning product for upkeep.

By my dinner engagement that evening, my skin was noticeably darker with a brown glow and radiated a delectable chocolate scent.

Almost seven days after the tan was applied, I still have a healthy, dark brown glow. I have no streaks, I don’t have orange hands, or dark spots on my knees or elbows.

Now, I can be one of those people my dad looks at and says, “Look at her tan.”

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