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Beneveda Combines Eastern, Western Medicine Into A New Era Of Health Rejuvenation

Dancing With The Stars professional dancer Mark Ballas revisited Beneveda Medical Group to rejuvenate before the show’s finals. After a slew of grueling workouts and hours torturing his body to prepare for the last competition, Ballas got in some much needed tune-up therapy there which resulted in he and partner Shawn Johnson scoring a perfect 30 for their final freestyle dance.

Beverly Hills-based Beneveda is the result of Dr. Thom E. Lobe’s fusion between Eastern (new age) and Western  (traditional) medical attention to benefit patients seeking the proverbial “fountain of youth” by reaching their maximum potential.

The equipment appears to fit a Star Trek movie or just about any sci-fi scenario. There are diagnostic computers and Electrophotonic Imaging that graphically measures the body’s energy levels in a palette of varying colors.   

Using the ROM (range of motion) machine for four minutes and is equal to a 40- minute workout in a traditional gym. The ROM targets weak areas in the body to strengthen them.

The Hydrosensory Therapy unit resembles a scene out of the movie Cocoon, promising longevity and a healthier lifestyle. It’s a total-body sensory experience meant for rejuvenation and relaxation to create balance and restoration.

The TurboSonic is a body vibration machine using specific sound frequencies to heal the body by stimulating it from a stagnant aging state to wake up its own self-healing properties.  

Ask Cloris Leachman about the benefits and she’ll wax poetic and demonstrate further her agility and youthfulness, as if her performances on Dancing With The Stars weren’t the ultimate demon-stration of her youthful zeal.   

The Energy Enhancement System–through the use of Scalar (therapeutic) Waves—increases energy levels, promotes cell rejuvenation, improves immune function and detoxifies the body.

Delta Pulse uses electric magnetic field therapy to aid sufferers of arthritis, depression, migraine and circulatory problems.  

“Knowing the balance of energy in your life is essential to understanding your well being—between your family, work, and play, and between your mind, body, and spirit,” Lobe said.

“The way in which these various aspects of your life intersect and influence in your health and wellbeing is an enlightened approach,” Lobe said. “Our goal is to help balance your energy to be able to live a happy, healthy life.”

Though he is a pediatric surgeon, Lobe recommends surgery as only a last resort.  Instead, his “energy medicine” practiced at Beneveda aims at providing the balance affecting total health and wellbeing.

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