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Finally! Council Moves Ahead With The General Plan

Can it be that after eight years of review and spending almost $1.6 million, the City Council is finally moving ahead with updating its outdated General Plan?

The magic eight ball says, “It looks promising.”

In a decision Wednesday night, the council voted to adopt  the General Plan in a two-step amendment process. They will adopt step one over the next three to six months.

“I strongly support splitting the General Plan in two phases,” said Councilman Dr. Willie Brien.

Step one advances through a public hearing process those goals and policies that are believed to have broad community support, including policies related to public safety, historic and cultural resources, water, noise and public infrastructure.

These goals have already been vetted through study sessions   and at commission meetings. They will be integrated into the existing general plan.

Step two will begin thereafter. It will revise the General Plan’s land use goals and policies like appropriate location, scale and density of future development. Before the adoption of step two, members of the Planning Commission have requested additional traffic studies be completed to assist in the evaluation of future land use.

The commission expressed interest in using a traffic model as an analytical tool for development of the land-use and circulation elements of the general plan and for later use as a tool for the City’s development review process.

A model presented by staff was the, “Travel Demand Model.”

The advantages include the capability of detailed analysis of traffic generation, trip distribution, mode split and route assignments of various land-use scenarios.

On the downside, it will cost the City between $500,000 to $550,000 for one-time costs in addition up to $200,000 over the next four years for on-going costs.

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