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Sending A Message In A Raw Food Bottle

The summer season seems synonymous with health and wellness. Warmer weather and lighter clothing promotes a sense of bettering our bodies and treating ourselves with a little more respect. What better way to treat yourself well than by modifying your diet? The perfect kick-start, then, is with the Blueprint Cleanse.

Based around the tenets of raw foodism, BPC is a purely nutritional cleanse intended to “detox” the body.

“As a result of the pollutants in the air we breathe and chemicals in the food and water we consume, the body accumulates ‘toxins,’” said Zoe Sakoutis, one half of the founding pair of BPC and New York City-based nutritional consultant. “Every once in awhile, the body needs to rid itself of these toxins.”

Launched in 2007, BPC aims to accomplish different results within the body based on the length of the cleanse. A three-day cycle may help to cleanse the blood, a five-day cycle can refresh and heal the immune system, while a full 10-day cleanse could be instrumental in preventing illnesses.

Make no mistake though, BPC is not as incredibly difficult as it may seem. It is not a fast or a weight loss mechanism, although that can be a welcome side effect. It does not punish you or strip the body of essential calories or nutrients. And it certainly does not leave you feeling hungry, tired or ill.

Based on recipes Sakoutis, a New York City-based nutritional consultant, developed in a West Village catering kitchen in 2006, the cleanse is strictly about incorporating whole, raw foods into your diet for the duration of the cleanse.

“The beauty of raw foods is that it is totally a no-brainer,” said Sakoutis. “There’s no magic powder or potion or combination. You’re going to see results regardless with raw foods.”

BPC juices (such as the cornerstone of the cleanse – the Green Juice – a cocktail of celery, kale, spinach, green apple and more) offers over 20 lbs of raw food. The system is easy to follow – just drink the six different juices over the course of the day as needed. Each bottle is labeled clearly and plotted to combat the body’s needs.

Equally as surprising is how tasty the hydraulically pressed juices actually are. In addition to the Green Juice (which weighs in at only 120 calories), there are combinations such as the refreshing (and surprisingly filling) pineapple, mint and apple juice, a spicy lemonade cocktail that includes cayenne pepper and the desert-like cashew nut water milk that adds cinnamon and vanilla for a sweet finish.

The cleanse menu varies based on the intensity requured. As a novice that perhaps does not watch food intake whatsoever, there is the “Renovation Cleanse,” designed to become the “gateway” cleanse. The “Foundation,” is intended for a more middle-of-the road type who usually monitors diet but can’t always be perfect. The third level, the “Excavation,” offers the most intense cleanse and is designed to do some repair on the tissue and cellular level. Each juice is unpasteurized to bring the fullest of benefits and to ensure freshness.

“The main point is to get as much green into your diet as possible,” said Sakoutis. “You really want people to flood their bodies with live nutrients.”

BPC is approachable, and that perhaps is the biggest benefit of all. The NYC-based company delivers three days worth of juice to your door in a handy tote and comes in bottles that are easily portable and, of course, recyclable.

“The whole sort of concept was finding a new way to communicate the message of and dispel the stigma about raw foods and health,” said the other half of the BPC brainchild, Erica Huss Jones.

BPC is $85 a day for delivery and will ship twice weekly, depending on length of cleanse.  Group rates are available. For more information on BPC, visit

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