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‘Leave Your Impression On The World,’ Board President Tells Graduates, 2009

Graduating students, exactly 30 years ago today I was sitting where you are now, impatiently waiting to receive my diploma. So, I assure you, time will pass … and it will pass quickly but you will always remember this day.

 Thank you Liora, You did a great job with your opening statement and a fantastic job leading the ASB students through their achievements during your presidency last semester.

Before I start, I would like to congratulate Principal Guidetti, on completing his third year here at Beverly. We are so proud of all your great achievements and that of your superb team of teachers, administrators, counselors, and staff; you sure have done a great job with this fine group of young ladies and gentlemen assembled here today.

I would also like to acknowledge and congratulate my colleague on the Board of Education, Student Board Member, Daniel Yosef, on all his accomplishments here at Beverly and wish him good luck as he continues his education at Berkeley in pursuit of a new chapter of his life. In fact each and everyone of you will be venturing into a similar yet unique experience.

Class of 2009, It is my honor to be here today to wish you a great and successful future in this moment where you turn the page on a life that was filled with classes, homework, projects, exams, college applications, and college decisions to another that will most likely still be filled with classes, homework, projects…you get my drift. Among these repetitions also stands opportunity…the opportunity of strengthening old friendships over distances…the opportunity of contributing your services to new communities…the opportunity of becoming leaders in the midst of great changes to our society.

Class of 2009, you are going to be presented with many new and exciting choices, challenges, and, of course, opportunities in both your scholastic and personal lives. I wish you success, happiness, and self-enlightenment as you write your future and continue to shape our future.

Many of you, I have known since your days in the kindergarten playground…now I have the opportunity to shake your hand and pass you your diplomas to commemorate your growth.

I am so proud of you all and wish to leave you with some advise: You are a new generation…don’t take that lightly…with your novelty will come creation, innovation, and progress.  Leave your impression upon this world and…appreciate your right to this next chapter of your life and take your first step towards affecting change.

Class of 2009…in the budding stage of post-commencement, you will find yourselves looking for companionship, for people to follow, for people to inspire you…but…don’t for get your own aptitude to lead…find yourselves, pave your paths, offer something back from the new opportunities that will arise; and lastly never forget those who have helped you along the way.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank our high school family: past and present administration, staff, faculty, all involved parents and PTSA, for creating such a wonderful environment for our children, our youth…our young adults… and giving a quality experience…here….at the Norman Nation. You have all contributed to the closing of a chapter and the start of a new future.

Now, Class of 2009, it is time to take what has been learned and constantly question, in order to create your own words, your own knowledge—an individualized education. It has been said that, “a mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions,” so allow your minds to grow ten-fold as you continue through life. Hold your heads up high, go into the uncertainty, explore. And remember the power of a new generation while enjoying your lives and the journey ahead.

Nooshin Meshkaty

President, Board of Education

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