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Payroll Stubs Show City Field Workers At 60k-110k

Two weeks ago The Courier reported that it costs the City $49 an hour for one employee to maintain athletic fields at local parks.

The report came after an  e-mail was sent by Parks Manager David Garrard to the City Council in March that broke down labor costs. He reported employees earn $49 an hour for picking up trash two hours a day, every day—maintaining a baseball field 2,080 hours a year—putting up signs—home run fence put up, etc.

Steve Zoet, assistant director of community services, explained to The Courier the $49 an hour includes hourly wage and benefits (health, vision, dental, disability, life insurance and pension).

After the article was published, The Courier received an  e-mail from the City contradicting Zoet’s original statement. The City then stated the number actually represented a blended hourly rate of the various levels of staff that participate in field maintenance, from park service workers to supervisors.

The confusion led The Courier to make a public records request for employee salary history to find out what do field maintenance workers actually make on average in Beverly Hills?

The lowest paid park services worker in 2008 made $67,366 a year and the highest paid employee made $112,562 (Parks Services supervisor), according to the payroll information provided by the chart (see above- note chart does not include park managers, directors or department head salaries).

These numbers include overtime, unused vacation or sick time and benefits, said City Spokeswoman Cheryl Burnett.

These employees are also high-level employees (step five) who have been working with the City for a number of years.

The starting hourly salary for a park services worker is $20 an hour, as reported in The Courier last week. Burnett explained that because these employees are mostly senior employees they are paid on the high end of the salary range.

For their job duties and qualifications see chart above.

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