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Kolin To Take Seat At The Dais Jan. 20

For Beverly Hills, the beginning of a new year means the restructuring of City Hall. Rod Wood will step down as City Manager. Steve Miller will retire from his position as the Parks & Recreation Department director and Katie Lichtig, the assistant city manager, will take on the role of city manager in San Luis Obispo.  

On Jan. 20, Jeff Kolin will take his seat on the dais on as city manager.

“I know that our entire City Council looks forward to having Jeff officially join our City team as the new City Manager in mid-January,” said Councilman Barry Brucker. “Everyone I have spoken to who has worked with him or met him speaks glowingly about his intelligence, expertise and leadership abilities. Our City Council made an outstanding choice, and I am totally confident that he will be a perfect fit to help lead Beverly Hills through challenges we face and opportunities we encounter in the coming years.”

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be devoted to meetings with senior staff and department heads in an executive retreat, said Kolin. Wood will be leading the first day and a half of the meetings and completing a review of the FY 2009/2010 work plans and a recap of the organizations accomplishments during the last six years.

One of the afternoons will also be devoted to taking what has been learned during this time and learning how to put it into practice in the future with a focus on goal setting and achieving results.

The second half of the retreat will give Kolin an opportunity to share a little bit about his expectations and his management philosophy.  

Kolin, who was named city manager in November, spent a day in Beverly Hills during mid-December, meeting with the department heads from all City departments, and observed a strategic planning session during which time the City Council identified priority goals and objectives for 2010 to best serve the community.

“I have had the privilege of meeting Jeff, and can attest to his commitment to keep our Beverly Hills community one of the safest cities in the nation,” said Fire Chief Tim Scranton. “Our dedicated police, fire and Public Works teams dedicate their lives to keeping our community among the safest small cities in the nation, and Jeff truly values the tremendous contribution our public safety teams provide to Beverly Hills’ residents and businesses.”

The December meeting will provide a guide for the organization as the City begin its planning for the next fiscal year Capital Improvement Project Budget and Operating Budgets, said Kolin.  

“Beverly Hills has an excellent City Staff that is eager to move forward on the City Council’s Priorities,” said Kolin. “I will also spend some time talking about my emphasis on employee development, training, mentoring and succession planning. Our objective at the end of the retreat is to walk out with a clear understanding of the City Council Priorities, the process we will use to develop our FY 10-11 work plans and budgets.”

After the retreat in January, Kolin intends to spend one on one time with each of the members of the City Council and begin reaching out to the community.  He said he has a long list of individuals, companies and organizations that he wants to meet and introduce himself to over the first 30 to 60 days.  

“I am really looking forward to meeting with the City Council, staff and the members of the City’s boards and commissions.   This is the team that I will be leading and working with in the future,” said Kolin.  “I also look forward to meeting the residents of the City and hope to meet with many of the homeowners associations.”

“Jeff’s unique leadership skills and expertise in managing successful cities will be warmly welcomed by Beverly Hills’ residents and businesses,” said Police Chief Dave Snowden.  “Our community greatly values everything City Manager Rod Wood has accomplished in his six years here, and will welcome Jeff and his wife Patty as they move into our outstanding city. Public safety is our top priority and I look forward to working with Jeff, as well as our regional, state, and federal homeland security UNITE partners to make our City the safest in the nation.”

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