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Natural Balance Float Longest In Parade’s History

By Winston Chua
San Marino Tribune

What animals have four legs and can surf, skateboard and snowboard?

Bulldogs, of course!

Six adorable bulldogs will snowboard down the Natural Balance Rose Parade Float.

One by one they will show off their extreme sports skills, including Tillman, proclaimed the “World’s Fastest Skateboard Dog” by Guinness World Records.

The well-known Tillman, plus four other bulldogs and his supersized likeness Tuesday morning were part of another Guinness World Record presented to Natural Balance Pet Foods President Joey Herrick as a member of the team responsible for the world’s longest single-chassis float (114 feet), “Hot Doggin’—Going For The Gold.”

Visitors to the float display kept their cameras pointed to capture every moment of each dog’s run down a giant ramp. Rose, Lyle and Niko will also speed down the runway. The youngest Sully, will not.

The dogs made dozens of runs, to the delight of the crowd. At the front of the float will be an area for Natural Balance co-owner Dick Van Patten, to sit.

Herrick said, “Everyone loves Tillman, and to see him snowboarding is going to blow people away. I’m jealous, because the dogs can snowboard better than me.”

This year will be the second year the Parade has featured a float from Natural Balance Pet Foods, with last year’s float featuring Tillman, Rose and pals, as part of what some deem to be the most beloved float in Parade history.

Tillman and his owner Ron Davis are YouTube and VH1 sensations, with Tillman featured as the now 4-year-old-dog who, among other activities, skateboards along the beach farther than many humans can.

CBS and USA Today have also featured the dog’s exploits.

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