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The Perfect Passover Dessert

Tonight I am heading over to a special Passover dinner with family and friends hosted by my boyfriend’s mother. When asked to bring the dessert for the 20 guests, I spent hours on end, thinking about what I could bring that would be tasty, fun and appropriate for Passover.

But after much thought, I found the perfect answer.

Crumbs Beverly Hills, the specialty cupcake shop on Little Santa Monica, premiered limited edition flourless cupcakes just for Passover. The Passover cupcakes are available starting today at Crumbs Bake Shop for $4.50 each. They are featuring such flavors as: 

• Elijah’s Delight 
Nut cake filled with fudge, frosted with chocolate buttercream
frosting, edged with chocolate shavings
• Chocolate & Vanilla Commandments 
Chocolate cake filled and frosted with vanilla cream cheese 
frosting, covered in Vanilla fondant, edged with rainbow sprinkles
• Holy Moses 
Chocolate cake filled with fudge, frosted with chocolate cream
cheese frosting covered in chocolate fondant, edged with chocolate
• Raspberry Red Sea 
Nut cake filled with raspberry preserves, frosted with raspberry
vanilla cream cheese frosting, decorated with sliced almonds and
raspberry drizzle
• Passover Taste Collection 
Three tastes of  each Passover variety including the Choco-
late & Vanilla Commandments, Elijah’s Delight, Raspberry
Red Sea and Holy Moses , priced at $22.00

Crumbs is located at 9465 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210; (310) 550-981.

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