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Help Mom Plan For A Financially Sound Future And Retirement

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What better way to honor mom than to make sure she’s well positioned financially for her golden years.

Pendo Insurance Services helps its clients safeguard their future by performing in-depth financial reviews of their assets. “We are in the people business; we hold the compass while our clients hold the map and together we are companions in navigating to their destination in life,” said Danial Fereydani, company founder and president.

“We really take our time with our clients to understand what their needs and goals are for their retirement. I always say there is no silver bullet, no magic box that fits every client. But rather many options to carefully consider and then put together a strategy that attends to the client’s needs,” Fereydani said.

“In today’s economic landscape you really have to be picky about who you decide to do business with,” Fereydani says. “Does the company you trust your assets with share your values in regard to long-term success?”

At Pendo it even came down to choosing the name. Pendo in Latin means “to value.” “What identifies us as a company and separates us from others are our core values. Our definition of what we deem valuable is why our clients value our services,” Fereydani says.

“We try to help seniors in many different ways. We provide free educational seminars and offer free reviews of clients’ existing policies,” Ferey-dani said. The part of the business he values most is making a difference in his clients’ lives by putting them in a safer financial position. Since the company’s primary business is rolling over 401ks and IRAs—that is the sole focus, retirement.

Seventy-five percent of Fereydani’s business is referrals. “It’s a great feeling, I am proud of that. I get calls every day from people saying, ‘you did something great for my uncle,’ or ‘my sister asked me to give you a call.’

“With every client, it’s not just a deal, but a lasting relationship. I’m always there when they have questions; and I make myself available to sit down and go over whatever my clients have concerns about. I send my clients articles I find interesting and they do the same for me; we even discuss golf,” Fereydani says.

“A lot of companies do many different things and have a laundry list of services,” Fereydani said. “We focus strictly on securing our clients’ retirement future and are experts in that field.”

Firm members stay current by continuing to educate themselves and in turn educating their clients. They work with numerous carriers; and it’s vital to Pendo to have access to the best programs for its clients.

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