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King Kong ready to rumble at Universal Studios theme park

King Kong

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Two years after meeting a fiery end, King Kong returned to the famous Universal Studios theme park on Tuesday, given a 3D make-over by Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson.

The giant gorilla — brought to the big screen in 1933, 1976 and 2005 — stars in a new attraction developed by Jackson, who helmed the last “King Kong” remake five years ago.

“It’s almost like a continuation of the King Kong (movie) experience, but this time using technology that we could have only dreamed about back in 2005,” Jackson said in a recorded video statement.

“King Kong 360 degree 3D” is part of Universal’s popular studio tour, a swing through movie sets and attractions themed on the Hollywood giant’s best known films, such as “Jaws.”

The new “King Kong” attraction places the viewer between two huge screens for several minutes while the famous giant ape battles dinosaurs.

Universal Studios chairman Ron Meyer said the inauguration of “King Kong” marked the final phase of the fire-damaged facility’s restoration.

“It’s a very important day for all of us and an exciting one. It’s been exactly two years since we had that horrific fire and today really marks the final piece of the rebuilding of our backlot”, Ron Meyer said.

The June 2008 fire destroyed the old King Kong attraction as well as several city block backlots used to shoot street scenes.

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