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Moving Past Chronic Pain

The usual treatment recommendations for chronic pain are “you just have to live with it” and “take this medication.” No one wants to have to live with pain all or most of the time, so one takes the medication.

But too often these medications have side effects like causing drowsiness, or they cause new problems like bleeding in the gastro-intestinal tract.

The pain patient, however, does not have to feel trapped by their pain. Thanks to techniques that have been around for many years and new technology that is recognized by the FDA, those suffering from chronic pain can finally look forward to relief from all or most of their pain. These techniques are non-invasive (no surgery or needles are required), and they include MicroCurrent Therapy, homeopathy, and nutritional counseling. The greatest benefit usually comes from combining techniques to create the most effective, individualized treatment program for each person.

Chronic pain is debilitating physically and emotionally. Now people can choose treatments that get rid of their pain instead of simply “keeping it under control.” It’s time to get your life back.

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