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Beverly Hills Businesswoman Disputes Parking Ticket, Posts Video Online

Posted Thursday, January 1, 1970 - 5:10 pm

By Brenton Garen, Beverly Hills Courier

A Beverly Hills businesswoman has taken to the Internet in an attempt to fight a “ridiculous, overreaching and erroneous” parking ticket.

The woman who asked to remain anonymous, said she was driving through the Bedford Drive public parking lot at lunch time in late-April to look for a spot.

After a few minutes with no luck, she stopped in her car to the right of the exit and to the left of the handicapped spots and left the engine running.

While she was sitting in her car for less than three minutes trying to verify her doctor’s address and whether there was other parking close to the office, she was written up by a parking enforcement officer for violation VC 22507.8B (Blocking Space), which was mailed to her, rather than issued in person.

“I was not standing in or near the disabled spots and there was one car in the spot directly to my car’s right, which could have reversed around my car, so I was not blocking any spots,” she said.

Upon revisiting the scene, she saw that the handicap spots were much longer than the rest of the parking spots, indeed unnecessarily longer, and a car could have gotten around her to park or exit the handicap spot,” she said.

“I was not blocking any cars from trying to park in a handicap spot, exiting a handicap spot, or exiting the parking lot.”

In a fight over the $355 ticket, she filmed a reenactment and posted it to Youtube, as well as snapped photos where the citation occurred.

She said the ticket was out-of-line, as she quickly moved when asked to by a parking enforcement officer.

“He never asked me to pull over, he never gave me a ticket, he never told me more than once to move and he never exited his vehicle or approached my vehicle to hand me a ticket,” she said.

At a recent court hearing, she lost her argument, but has now filed an appeal.

This is the video:

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